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Was shoving our session zero stuff into a mind map. There's a lot of ties back to the events of the Pollen Outbreak in the mix there. Could get interesting.

“These? They’re, umm, dragon eggs? I’m sure they’re 100% safe to be around.”

Add to the “gaming resolutions for 2019” list: stop buying minis for games you have never played. (There’s still a set of pre-ordered Vostroyan troopers that will join these guys at some point in the future.)

I think this may be where I give up with the holiday themed minis. The Krampus one I have is huge and the last other one I’m just not interested in messing with right now.

The previously mentioned spaceybois. (That Mast wouldn’t let me add to the previous tweet.)

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Went on another priming spree (it was actually warm out here today): 2 more adventurers to add to the Order of the Holy Owl, 6 dark elves, 2 more spaceybois (sans heads, some special ones from eBay are in the mail).

Who wants a gift? 100% trustworthy. Not tied to undead plagues at all.

Furthermore: I need to have my eBay privileges revoked. I have a big box of Tyranids just waiting to eat my January.

Have a happy whatever you choose to celebrate (or not), mastodon-fam...

Or else.

Them: “The Grey Knights are the elite incorruptible chapter of space marines where everyone is a badass psychic ninja.”

Me: “Sparklybois!”

Messing around with Kill Team sounded like a good idea in my head.

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