Trying to avoid falling back into the old ๐Ÿค trap of just boosting and never posting original things. So hereโ€™s a peek at a couple things from the painting bench. Plague doctors from Reaper minis inspired by Dana Howlโ€™s synthwave stuff from a while back.

Apologies for ๐Ÿฆ site cross-postage, but, a bit more info about our charity event that's coming up in December to raise money for The Trevor Project.

"โ„๏ธ Excited for our event coming up? Well, here's the dates to mark on your calendar. "

HIGH SHELF CHARITY is returning for it's 3rd year! Join us December 6th - 18th as we play 8 wonderful all to raise funds for The Trevor Project, as voted for by this community. We've stacked the line-up with amazing GMs & players you know & love!

So, apparently when I was rearranging my shelves a while back this of a severed hand holding a gun fell out ofโ€ฆsomething, and rolled under the bottom shelf. I have no clue what so on the off chance this looks familiar to someone can you give a shout?

Finally putting some shelves in my office/nerd loft. (Some books you want to keep close at hand.)

Spent yesterday afternoon sorting out terrain for Mobile Frame Zero at . Hoping this is good for a 48x48 space.

My Space-Cossacks are finished! Woohoo! (Also: theme appropriate dice. Though I keep debating if I think I have steady enough hands to do hit the numbers with some gold paint.)

The voice actor for trooper number fourteen is definitely Sam Elliott.

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