Trying to avoid falling back into the old 🐤 trap of just boosting and never posting original things. So here’s a peek at a couple things from the painting bench. Plague doctors from Reaper minis inspired by Dana Howl’s synthwave stuff from a while back.

@mraichelson love these models! I have one of them in metal that needs paint

@TiberiusReigns @Marcie247 thanks. Still trying to get a handle on using an airbrush for some stuff. Worked out okay for these two.



It's a wildly different tool to work with for sure! Getting the spray just right, not over spraying, etc. It's hard work to master, but you'll get there!

@mraichelson Looks cool, and nice to see other company's product represented.
For an RPG or Frostgrave?

@Coyotebd I've dabbled a spec with Frostgrave, Kill Team, Fire Team. But I don't tend to stick with wargames (except Mobile Frame Zero). Really, I'm an RPG guy.

@mraichelson Sometimes I yearn to toss off the shackles of wargaming and just paint RPG minis. Except when I do run games I'm not convinced that minis and grid are my style.

If you haven't already checked it out: Rangers of Shadow Deep is a cool rpg-like game that can be run co-op or solo.

Don't like the name fool you like it fooled me: Ranger is the job, not the class. I slept on this game for a bit too long.

@Coyotebd In the same boat. I'm mostly a theater of the mind game person (run a lot of Blades in the Dark, Red Markets, that kind of thing). Haven't run with a map since pre-y2k. (And been almost exclusively online for a number of years now.)

I kinda mostly paint minis just to paint them and have a thing to focus on.

(Rangers of Shadow Deep is on the shelf too, collecting dust with so many other things.)

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