Republicans are more likely than Democrats to use Internet Explorer.

So, uhh, @host if someone else grabbed a tabletop.{thing} domain name for something totally unrelated to here would that bug you?

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When you're trying to name a software project. Use a tool to try to suggest available names/domains based on some keywords. Find one you like and snag it (it was cheap)...and then realize of course you liked it, it's basically identical to someone else's name for what something you already use.

It's funny how only the people that don't care about reducing harm in online spaces are always frothing about ECHO CHAMBERS.

If keeping abusers, racists, sexists, etc in the conversation counts as *diversity* to you, then you're probably one of them, champ.

It is a very low bar to ask common respect and decency in our exchanges.

If you feel CENSORED by that, you're just an asshole.

Finally putting some shelves in my office/nerd loft. (Some books you want to keep close at hand.)

@Canageek As a "gifted and talented" child who was taught to expect to be "naturally" good at things, learning that everything is a skill was actually kind of liberating

now I can say I'm not good at a thing because I don't want to work on it

In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.

Hey tabletop! I'm messing with an idea. It's a service called "Multi User Story Engine", or MUSE!

It's meant to help people make stories together!

You can see my notes on the idea here

I'm starting it off purely as telnet, but looking into ways to make it work with a web interface and possibly federalized programs.

You can see my progress and source code here. It's MIT license so feel free to fork it for your own purposes.

Gnomes: Little men born of earth. They can only see clearly in darkness. Ride moles and love arts and crafts.
Goblins: Despicable little things with features of all kinds. They are obviously trying to curse you. Yes, they are selling something. No, they won't go away.
Elves: Beautiful, courtly, otherworldly. There is something up with elves, something strange, everyone can tell.
Birds: Diverse and flighty, thin boned. They've been convinced they should try to be real people, whatever that means

Today's GenCon update: If you see a guy with a goatee and glasses (I know that's about 60% of the population here) wearing a Dungeon World shirt it's probably (maybe) me. Hi.

Spent yesterday afternoon sorting out terrain for Mobile Frame Zero at . Hoping this is good for a 48x48 space.

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