Well, ugh...

"Sons of the Singularity is a small RPG publisher. Last year, they kickstarted The Sassoon Files, a sourcebook for the popular Call of Cthulhu RPG and Trail of Cthulhu RPG. As a lot of publishers, they did the printing in China. The same day that the print was finished, a Chinese Government [official?] decided that it was 'problematic', so they burned the entire print run."


My Space-Cossacks are finished! Woohoo! (Also: theme appropriate dice. Though I keep debating if I think I have steady enough hands to do hit the numbers with some gold paint.)

It might sound corny at first, but try listing just three things a day you're grateful for. You can do it in a cheap notebook and no one ever has to see it but you.

When the one facebook group you keep track of starts trying to figure out how to migrate off facebook and can't find an option.

Mmm. Good times.

The voice actor for trooper number fourteen is definitely Sam Elliott.

Been thinking about my Blades hack again. It crossed my mind to try to break it down into separate smaller pieces and do like a zine-sized, err...thing(?)...that covers each portion of the game. Frame it with some fiction about "why only part of the game is exposed so far" that brings in the setting stuff.

"I, Kusama, am the modern Alice in Wonderland" Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama #womensart t.co/QjNGNQu9wV

Is there a mastadon server just for old people (40+)? Asking for a friend

My studio's surfaces are 90% coffee cups and polyhedral dice.

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