Artists! I've got a question for you!
I'm looking for a way to seriously start learning drawing and painting, but there aren't any ways over here 😔
Especially those that didn't/couldn't access formal education and training: how did you get started?

Retoots appreciated!

/cc @EmergencyBattle

@moonspark Self-taught artist here. Honestly I just kinda... did it. Like, practice makes perfect is the truth. I drew a bunch of bad stuff until it stopped being as bad. I looked at pictures I liked and tried to draw them myself, and then I started trying to do my own things.

@moonspark @EmergencyBattle I just did it. I just drew, and painted. But I started when I was a kid, so... Practice is the key. In my youth I copied from manga, I confess, but it was a good practice. Nowadays I'm still inhaling tutorials on Youtube to get better. You don't need to throw your money out of the window to learn painting.

@moonspark I had formal training in school for drawing. That was a long time ago. Now that I'm drawing again, I just do a search online for reminders and much of the course material I learned is on the web. Learning hatching, stipple, and other techniques haven't changed for many, many, years. Thus, if you want more structure for a low, low, price find a 50 year old book at a used book store. That would be my advice, and it is what I am using for lettering right now, when I draw.

@moonspark Appart from the art classes in elementary school, I didn't have any education in art either, so I'm selftaught as well.
I saw that some already suggested drawabox (I wanted to use that for a while now, since it seems helpful to improve on the basics). But there are also some amazing class-like youtube videos out there.
Apart from that: Best way is to copy from photos or objects you can see. Start with basic shapes and work from there.

@moonspark when i first started out i copied a lot from my favorite anime. eventually i moved on and started learning proportions & better anatomy. after that i started learning color theory & moved on to composition, anatomy studies, things like that. i mostly do studies when i need a better idea of what something looks like. (lineofaction is really good for when you want to do studies!) ive found its best to get really good at one thing before moving on and trying to learn something else.

@moonspark I started by directly following youtube tutorials. Back then that were the ones by Marc Crilley, a very amazing artist. And then after a while I just.. drew. And whenever there was something I couldn't draw, I looked for tutorials where the end result looked like what I wanted to draw. I still do that to this day 👍 (although by now, references usually suffice)

@moonspark Some additional people to look to for inspiration; Iain McCaig, Tim Gula (these first two are really good people to watch in terms of how to physically move while drawing) Terryl Whitlatch, JAW Cooper, Eliza Ivanova, Claire Wendling, Frank Cho (for inking especially), Glen Vilppu, Norman Rockwell, JC Leyendecker, Dean Cornwell.

If you can set aside 30-90 minutes to draw daily (and doing it on public transit if possible or at a laundromat counts) that will help you improve a lot.

@moonspark Also; always try to analyze rather than just copy or judge. When you copy other peoples' art, try to figure out what makes it work, what they're seeing. When you like or hate your own stuff, try to figure out what it is that's working or not working. Forgive yourself a lot; there are a lot of mistakes you can make, but the only way to find out they exist is to go draw stuff, and make the mistakes.

@moonspark @EmergencyBattle
Hi there! While I've drawn professionally for a long time, I only began focusing on how to learn and improve my art in the last 5 or 6 years. I used YouTube to research the fundamentals and found sites that focused on specific skills like Sycra on YouTube. I learned technical draftsmanship from both, the Dynamic Sketching series by Peter Han.
The wonderful community at Streak.Club kept me motivated even when I couldn't manage much.


Yo soy nuevo en esto de dibujar gente y empecé viendo tutoriales en youtube, descargando libros de dibujo sobre anatomía human y poniendo a práctica lo que aprendí todos los días 👌 practicar, practicar y prácticar 😄👍


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