tfw I want to read a book on computer graphics theory, but I have to shell the couple hundred bucks myself 😞

This happens when your university doesn't like your chosen subject.

Extremely important dress question Show more

Four months of today. What I found:
- dev/sysadmin community is VERY opinionated
- embedded hw devs are COOL :heart_eyes:
- digital artists are much, much kinder :starry_eyes:

All in all, I'm really glad I signed up.

tfw we cannot get appointments online because the city hall's domain expired a month ago :mastodon_oops: cc @InvaderXan

Question: is there a name for those lighted writeable boards one sees in submarine movies? It kinda looks like this one. And what is the markers' ink made of?

Is it a good thing to have one of @natalie's tracks stuck on my head?

Artists! I've got a question for you!
I'm looking for a way to seriously start learning drawing and painting, but there aren't any ways over here πŸ˜”
Especially those that didn't/couldn't access formal education and training: how did you get started?

Retoots appreciated!

/cc @EmergencyBattle

github giving out free private repos (ars technica) Show more

I've got this 200MB PDF to read for uni, but anything I throw at it cries foul when trying to render it.
Blame its humongous vector drawings.
Any ideas?

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