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Hey all! Please remember to look at these toots ⬇️ πŸ™ƒ

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Company A makes a product used by 60% of the world.

This, rightly, worries people. When Company C’s product (used by 3% of the world) switches to using the core of Company A’s product folks suggest people use Company B’s product (used by 5% of the world).

Plot twist: Company B gets ~all its money (hundreds of millions of $) from Company A.

Welcome to the sewer of monopoly, institutional corruption and surveillance capitalism we lovingly call The Web circa 2018.


i don't even talk that much here and i've still had more interaction in 3 days here than i've had on tumblr since 2013.

I've realised that I get a lot more concentrated when drawing, most unlike when I'm coding.
I guess it's really something I'm not used to?

Good news: I'm practising drawing!
Bad news: sketching from observation is difficult as hell.

*sniffs*'s about to rain cats and dogs over here

I MADE................ LGBT MASTODON ICONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE TO USE!!!!!!!!!!
(i might make some more later on!!)

via @xor
β€œ$10,000 Fellowships for women working on #opensource [ #FLOSS ] #programming projects, #research, & #art β€” We’re accepting applications for $10,000 Fellowships for women, trans, & non-binary people who would like to work on a project or research at the Recurse Center this winter. The Fellowships will be funded directly by the Recurse Center. We will be reserving at least 50% of our funding for women, trans, & non-binary people of colorβ€œ

cc @KitsuneAlicia @artisticfennec , you're far more knowledgeable about games than me 😘

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Does anybody read the "interact before following" line in my profile tab? πŸ˜’
(I've never blocked so many people in my short fediverse life.)

hey everyone, I'm brand new to mastodon so I figured I should introduce myself in my first post! I'm an animation student from southern California, and I mainly create animation and illustration. I also enjoy cosplay and a bunch of other nerdy shit.

I'm mainly going to use this account to post my art and news/info about the animation industry, so give me a follow if you're interested!

links to my website and other social media in my bio

LB: Some of us prefer to repair our stuff instead of living in disposability hell.

Some of us can't afford new stuff and HAVE to patch what we have.

Some of us don't live in the US and don't have access to the stores USians do.

Kindly don't assume that everyone has all the same privileges and priorities that you do. :tiphat:

Is it true that needs so little in terms of resources, compared with ?
I'm waiting to hear your experiences!

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#introductions :blobcatpeek:

hi i'm natalie and i do things on and off the computer

- frantic sysadmin
- believes obsolete tech is Good, Actually
- has opinions on games but doesn't play any
- lover of girls
- has a crush on half the fediverse
- does vaporwave and video glitch stuff sometimes
- meows a lot
- allegedly cute

i also do some embedded hardware and software dev, this should give you a good idea of what i'm into

:heart_lesbian: :heart_moon_lesb: :heart_lesbian:

follows and boosts are very appreciated :boost_ok:

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