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I've been thinking a lot about ethics in machine learning and I've come to the conclusion that ML networks share their creator's biases. We should clearly mark that when a neunet messes up, it's the fault of the company that made it. When YouTube demonitizes LGBT videos for sexual content, that should be treated as an intentional decision by Google

@keeg huh. How would it work then? Open world and sonic aren't two things I see mixing well given it's gameplay history

It occurs to me that people who want to participate in might want the actual rulebook. Here you go!


@StubbedToe its open all the time. I love doing ongoing and going stuff.

@BoredDMJake k&r is supposedly a good book. Although I got top 10 national 2014 in c++ using everything I learned from

Let's play some roll for shoes! Just ping me with an action and I'll tell you how it goes.

d6 dice pool system.

Everyone starts with a single skill.

Do Anything 1.

You gain a new skill based on what you do any time you roll a 6 on all your die. Gain 1xp from failure. 6xp can be spent to turn a die into a 6 for the sake of gaining a skill.

You are part of a large expedition into an ancient castle. You are looking into the inky blackness of a stone dragons maw.

What do you do?


Favorite games

- Apocalypse World
- World of Dungeons
- Dungeons and Dragons 5e
- The Sprawl

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