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Favorite games

- Apocalypse World
- World of Dungeons
- Dungeons and Dragons 5e
- The Sprawl

Update on this. I ended up making objects in Rhost that do the same thing and work way faster. So I'm going to focus on that route.

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I'm blocked, trying to figure out the user interface to the discussion and chapter channels. Do you think adding these commands would be too messy?


Hey tabletop! I'm messing with an idea. It's a service called "Multi User Story Engine", or MUSE!

It's meant to help people make stories together!

You can see my notes on the idea here

I'm starting it off purely as telnet, but looking into ways to make it work with a web interface and possibly federalized programs.

You can see my progress and source code here. It's MIT license so feel free to fork it for your own purposes.

The Y2K Aesthetic Institute just kills me. I'm not even sure I liked the Blobject look that much at the time but in retrospect I feel like I appreciate it so much more now. I really miss just having some damn color in my products.


your comrades are not fash. you can have actual discourse with them. grow up and talk to each other instead of pulling the trigger on cancellation for one bad take

You meet a weak demon in distress. Jockingly, you propose a pact. In exchange for his soul, you'll grant him powers. You meet him again a year later, and to your surprise, he's now the Overlord of Hell.
#writingprompts #writing

"It’s a very passion -driven industry"
"For many people it’s been a badge of honour to work all night and until the early hours of the morning"

This is fucked up game culture propagated and exploited by rich execs to milk bright-eyed young devs for all their labor value, & unfortunately HUGE in the industry.

I've been thinking a lot about ethics in machine learning and I've come to the conclusion that ML networks share their creator's biases. We should clearly mark that when a neunet messes up, it's the fault of the company that made it. When YouTube demonitizes LGBT videos for sexual content, that should be treated as an intentional decision by Google

It occurs to me that people who want to participate in might want the actual rulebook. Here you go!


Let's play some roll for shoes! Just ping me with an action and I'll tell you how it goes.

d6 dice pool system.

Everyone starts with a single skill.

Do Anything 1.

You gain a new skill based on what you do any time you roll a 6 on all your die. Gain 1xp from failure. 6xp can be spent to turn a die into a 6 for the sake of gaining a skill.

You are part of a large expedition into an ancient castle. You are looking into the inky blackness of a stone dragons maw.

What do you do?


Favorite games

- Apocalypse World
- World of Dungeons
- Dungeons and Dragons 5e
- The Sprawl

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