If you had to get rid of all your games in your collection and only keep two, which ones would you keep and why?

Flatout Games are masters when it comes to creating beautiful games with simple rules that work well with all kinds of players. Verdant, their latest release, feels something in between Calico and Cascadia. It's not as restricted as the former, but you won't have as much freedom as with the later. We've been playing the game non-stop lately and that's why we decided to make a tutorial (we'll leave a link below). Which of their games do you like most?


Which game do you usually pick when you are tired but still want to play something?

It's finally Friday!!! It has been a really looong week for us, so we are looking forward to the weekend. What are you going to play this weekend? :yellow_meeple::green_meeple:

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