This workstation of mine is now 7 years old. One day, it's going to fail on me. 37,000 power-on hours for one of the hard disks!

Looking for a mini PC to get as the next workstation (something that works well with Linux).

Anybody have any recommendations? It doesn't need to have high graphics power (the most intense video game I play is Civ V).

@meeba System 76 just launched their new Thelio PCs. Open Software, and also Open Hardware on the case.

@sam Oh! I'll check that out. System76's Meerkat is also on my list of things to check out.

@meeba that one looks like a lot of fun, too. I'm pretty sure it's just the Intel NUC with their badging on the top, maybe you're better off buying it from Intel than from S76? Should be cheaper.

I've currently an intel nuc used as an always on backup server and occasional workstation.

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