Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is pretty darn awesome.

Haven't tooted in a while... definitely having trouble keeping up with stuff!

Been designing an 18xx game the past few weeks. It's based on the growth of streetcars in Denver. Hoping I haven't quite made this as complex as 1841, but I suppose playtesting will tell.

What could possibly go wrong when companies are allowed to own shares of other companies, right?

Okay, just tried the new game on BGA, Blooms. It's really cool! Anyone want to give it a shot with me?

This workstation of mine is now 7 years old. One day, it's going to fail on me. 37,000 power-on hours for one of the hard disks!

Looking for a mini PC to get as the next workstation (something that works well with Linux).

Anybody have any recommendations? It doesn't need to have high graphics power (the most intense video game I play is Civ V).

Got to try New Frontiers today! I think I have finally found my perfect tableau-building game. I love Roll for the Galaxy, but I think New Frontiers may have just outdone it!

Can't wait to play it again. :)

No idea what I want to take to tomorrow's Eurogame meetup. Azul is a definite yet, but I'm stuck beyond that!

Any Dominion players around? What are some of the most ridiculous and fun kingdom card setups you've tried?

I've got Adventures and base Dominion, and it seems that Adventures added lots of potential to supercharge the base game's recommended Size Distortion setup.

Port is a particularly goofy card. I like it.

1853 was a neat game. It has some imperfections (as expected with a game from 1989), but it is fun. I wish the share prices were a bit more volatile. As is, it seems very easy for one or two players to run away with the lead. With the fixed company turn order, this makes it harder for a player who has fallen behind to shake things up, which is unfortunate.

Still, I enjoyed it and would play it again. Maybe next time I'll get to buy that 3M train one op. round faster...

High Society is such a wonderful game.

Did a sandbox 2p game of Yellow and Yangtze a bit ago so I could learn the rules. Never did play the precedessor, Tigris and Euphrates.

Y&Y seems like a pretty slick game, though 2p does seem to drag a bit near the end. Lots of potential for some very disruptive plays. More so than Brass: Birmingham, I think.

We'll see how it fares after a few real plays.

Really wanting to give 1822 another play, even though I know it's going to make my brain explode. A solid 80% of the game is auctions, and it's tough to balance wasting your auction cubes on driving up prices for everyone else vs. claiming things that actually help you.

Howdy! I'm meeba!

I never did quite get the hang of RPGs (except for Fiasco... sort of), but I do play a lot of euro and 18xx games. 1867 and Azul are current favorites!

I also like to make music when I'm not at the gaming table or at work, and can frequently be found adventuring through town via the city bus.

Look forward to interacting with you all!

Choo Choo!

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