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Isn't it kinda weird that #Mastodon gets described as 'left-leaning' because we handle more strickt rules and don't tolerate things like bullying.. It could be me but I perceive this as 'normal'.

I mean you don't call people all kinds of names in a conversation on the street or in the store right? Even if you don't agreeπŸ€”

Somehow it feels the (online) standards for treating each other have declined so much over the past few years :sad_cat:

Let them talk, we are a loving and happy community!

I probably sound like a broken record, but I really enjoy the local feed here. It's nice to read people's thoughts on board games, whether you follow them or not... 😎

Der BoardGameHistorian-Blog hat mich interviewt. Wenn ihr wissen wollt, was ich so zur blogge, wie ich versuche, das an anzuknΓΌpfen, und welche Themen mir im Hinterkopf rumkrabbeln, dann lest:

In case you missed @host's post, the migration to this server has overloaded things and they've had to upgrade, meaning more costs (and volunteer time). I'd hate to lose this place right after we all got here!

As stated on @host's profile, you can support the server here:

(I mentioned maybe monthly subs at a certain level, say $8, get some sort of mark like a white checkmark in a circle, but it didn't seem to fly :P)

Mastodon is like IKEA assembly instructions. Daunting at first, but after you finally put it together, you feel like you're Jesus, a bonafide carpenter deserving of followers.

Ich bin mal gespannt, wie es sich entwickelt. Wenn die Community es schafft, gesammelt umzuziehen, dann ist das hier eine tolle Alternative. Ich hÀnge nicht an Twitter, nur an euch allen 😊

Hey, if you want to be "verified" on the fediverse as being _actually you_, you don't need some third party to verify you or to check some list.

Got a domain you own, that's obvs you?

Paste `<a rel="me" href="https://your.server/@your_username">Mastodon</a>`into the html on that domain, add that domain to your profile links, bam, verified at least as comprehensively as a lot of folks on birdsite.

If this seems hard, I will help you! You can verify yourself, promise!

(boosts for reach a-ok)

One of the things I'm enjoying here is that I can drink from different hoses based upon my time and mood.

I can drink from the sink of Home to see people I'm following.

I can drink from the garden hose with the Local timeline and see content from people. This reminds me of chatting at a convention - mostly gaming talk, but I also learn about other aspects of their lives.

If I want a firehose of who-knows-what, I open up the federated timeline for a blast of the world.

I've seen one or two profiles with the phrase "Boosts are not endorsements" and I wanted to ask if we, as a community, can nip that in the bud?

This isn't the other place. There are no algos to game. There is no audience to reach. What we _do_ have is our curated content, our interests, and our community.

Boosting is ABSOLUTELY endorsing something. It's you, taking a post, and saying "this is good enough for #MastoDaoine to see".

Anything else is inciting controversy, leave that shit behind.

I just realized I didn't post a proper .

My name is Georgios (or ΓΡωργιος). I write about board games in the way I find interesting, which is basically looking at what we do when we play games and why we do it. I also do reviews and criticism (whatever that means).

I also produce a few German-language podcasts about board games with Peer Sylvester. I like and and apparently (but know next to nothing about it).

So far, "graduating" from #boardgames for 2yo to those for 3yo has been quite disappointing. They have the same randomness without player agency, but add a meaningless layer of fiddliness on top. I think there's some design space to be explored.

I'm trying to get into a new habit of reading #BoardGame reviews: I'll read them with five to ten years delay. Not only is it often amusing to read with the blessing of hindsight, it's also a definite guard against the #CultOfTheNew 😎 #BoardGames

If, like me, you don't intend to be posting to twitter any time soon, and it is conceivable to you that it might cease to exist in the not too distant future, you might want to download your twitter archive. You can get it from Settings -> Your account -> Download an archive of your data.

It took half a day or so for the download to be ready. Of course if things do start going downhill rapidly there that time horizon could increase.

Expect some of the following to happen in the coming weeks:

- celebrities with huge follower counts pushing tiny community-run servers to their knees

- instance admin burnout; shutting down of servers

- big new servers that don't "vibe" with common rules or culture being widely defederated

- some notable account violating an instance code of conduct and throwing a fit

- lots of people ragequitting Mastodon for one reason or another

- etc.

It'll be a rough ride. Patience and strength, all.

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The collapse of Twitter is a system breakdown. Mastodon and the fediverse represent something different: _system change_. From for-profit "Big Tech" to nonprofit, open source, community-owned public spaces.

System change is always harder than you think. It always incurs short-term costs, with hoped for long-term benefits.

The next few weeks will be really tough for the fediverse. Stick around, vibe with it, and you just might help us put a huge part of the web back in community hands. <3

Just reiterating … Mastodon isn’t a β€œTwitter competitor” in the sense of a rival company making a rival product.
It’s a community that decided to make an alternative together, and you are invited to take part.

After just a week on #Mastodon I feel like I already had more interesting and meaningful interactions than I ever did on the other site. Maybe there's some excitement of meeting folks in a new platform, but maybe it's also that tweets don't get buried by some stupid algorithm here... πŸ€“

It looks like there's an awesome πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ speaking #Brettspiel community forming here. 😎 But where are the international folks? πŸ˜‡

#BoardGames #Brettspiele

One way #rulebooks for #BoardGames get complicated is because they need to cover all sorts of cases (e.g., different player counts or variants), but only a subset of those rules are applicable to the player, the rest just bloat the reading.

Did any publisher ever attempt to address this with a digital rulebook that automatically hides passages not relevant to the teach at the moment? πŸ€”

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