of the day: what's a word that's really weird in different languages?

My example would be 🐿 squirrel 🇬🇧 = Eichhörnchen 🇩🇪 = orava 🇫🇮. All very different words, but all quite weird ones to say... 😅

@markus I know it’s not quite what you asked, but I love the etymology of animal words in different languages. Like the French word for ‘bat’ literally being bald mouse, the Lithuanian word for ‘owl’ being mouse-eater, or ‘hippopotamus’ meaning river-horse. And then there’s English words like butterfly that probably comes from the literal combination of butter and fly, but no one really knows why. It’s fascinating! Eichhörnchen sounds like it might have something to do with acorns?

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