Is there a way to new members to I've looked around the web interface and don't see any options. Or can only @host add new people here at the moment?

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@markus @host I know they closed invites until they could better establish a moderation team and adapt to the influx of new users. I guess it hasn’t been reopened yet.

@kellenfreeman That's understandable, though it's also hard to establish as a viable alternative if it feels like a closed clique atm. I hope these things will sort out over time... πŸ€—

@markus @kellenfreeman the cozy living room analogy fits better here than FB/TT/Tw. Scaling of instance size is rough, so making targeted instances, finding a home among them, then federating w/ other instances may be the most viable option. (E.g. social deduction instance, a game design, heavy euro, wargames, a general one etc). Because you can follow across instances, it hurts way less.

It's a different tool with a diff focus, that will take time to sort out. IDK what @host has for plans.

@gpage @markus @kellenfreeman Hi all, great stuff in this thread.

First point this is not an alternative to anything, it is its own thing.

In terms of clique, well yes and no.
Yes: Hopefully we will be close knit.
No: You can extend the circle by creating your own instance (and moderate it well).

My plans is to open invite once most of the people are onboard with the societal norms happening on here.

intrinsically, there is not more "value" by having more people (there is more cost tho)

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