I'm designing a post-industrial setting in which feudalism has returned but, in many cases, guilds have more authority than the feudal lord or the local church.

Cities are divided in zones that belong to guilds. My PCs are currently in the printer's quarter of Strasbourg, for instance. In each zone, all permanent inhabitants are guild members or clergy.

I wonder how taverns and inns fit in this society. Do they belong to guilds? Are they embassies? Situated between quarters?

@Yoric I like the idea that Taverns belong to guilds and function as official quest hubs where you happen to be able to grab a drink, rather than the traditional opposite.

This is just some random initial thoughts based on your post: I’m envisioning a Tavern in one zone to be a den run by undercover guild associate from another zone, trying to gain a foothold without causing too much commotion.


@Yoric Not sure how guilds work in your world, but a suggestion is that each guild wants to develop society in a specific direction (eg. One militaristic, another green, a third pragmatic, a fourth intellectual). Dens could be meeting spots to accept assignments from each guild, and society around the players could change based on which guild they take assignments from, with positive and negative outcomes (trade offs) for each assignment. Gives the players some ownership of the world.

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