question for the DMs:
Is caffeine a poison?
In my evil campaign, we consider alcohol a poison, which means that if/when my necromancer reaches lvl 18 of her build, she becomes immune to poison and thus cannot become drunk
however, she's mostly a tea drinker. you know, as a researcher who relies on caffeine for those long nights. Would becoming immune to poison mean caffeine no longer works?

This one is from back in March. Our un-edited original take on my favourite piece from Dragon Age Inquisition:

Live streaming some tavern music on Reddit in about an hour. Come join the tribe! Https://

Our bard and his wife created these health potions for our entire party and they’re so well made!

We wrote this piece of music for a D&D adventure. It conveys the bittersweet transition from fall to winter. Change.

Another RPG Cover I found while curating for our YouTube playlists. It's a bit on the aggressive side and doesn't reflect the tenderness of the song that goes along with it, but it's a nice take regardless. Perfect for your Tavern meetings!

Made a thing to illustrate good and bad ways to incorporate real instruments in tabletop games.

Do you want to? Should you even?

+ for Immersion
- for obnoxiousness

How to do it without making it a big deal:

While curating some Tavern Music for D&D sessions on our YouTube channel, I came across this gem. Such a beautiful cover, with so few views. Give it a listen!

The first tune we played together. It’s intimate and warm, like Tavern Music should be.

I had a one-shot with some friends today and played a not-too-bright Champion Fighter. My calling card was the Charger bonus action.

I ran away from enemies, hoping to avoid their attacks of opportunity, before dashing back into the action with a stab. I kept running back and forth for each attempted hit.

I would like a moment to thank my party’s amazing cleric without whom I would not be standing here today.

The way my DM keeps track of initiative. I thought it was clever.

The clip on top of the other clip is a crawling spider-brain attempting to force its way into the mouth of a new host.

Hi everyone. This channel is representing 4 friends who play nerdy RPG-inspired music in their spare time:

Ivan: Flutes
Julie: Violin
Håvard: Bouzouki and Mandolin
Oliver: Guitars, a Stout Halfling Paladin, and the person behind these words.

We believe there is an inner musician in everyone, and we advocate for music as a social activity, a tool which brings people together, rather than a tool for self-realization and fame.

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