“We call it ‘the Kickstarter crack,’” Downey offered. “That’s how we stay up, right? [It’s] necessary, but we can’t stay there forever.”


GURPS A Man Called Sloane
Inexplicably based on a mostly forgotten 1979 Quinn Martin-produced spy show.

It is rumored that the original plan was for a Man from U.N.C.L.E. book, but the licensing deal fell through, so a lesser property was used.

The star of the series, Robert Conrad, while attending a fan convention, was invited to play a session of GURPS using this supplement. He was quoted at the time as responding:

"Get this nerd shit out of my face.."

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Bank of America downgrades Hasbro's stock from "buy" to "underperform". We have reached out for comment on our games too, have yet to hear back.


Maybe it would be a good idea to introduce all those spammy crowdfunding promotion companies to each other, so that they can help each other promote their scams better...

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The Dice Tower is currently playing On the Underground live: youtube.com/watch?v=IC2bh0I8ff

@meeplesandtokens Weird games like that is the only way we have found to not get bored. Or boring.

Thanks for trying out weird stuff!

@darkpact Same here!

Indeed there is, mainly that we had committed to running this on KS back in 2020. The pre-launch page had a healthy amount of followers, and we did not want to lose them.

There will be a solution for Europe-based backers after this campaign has concluded.

Thanks for asking, this is an issue we struggled for a while.

This counts as a Kickstarter high score, right? Where is the leaderboard?? 🤦🤦​

Hi everyone! We are LudiCreations, and we publish board games.
They tend to have weird themes that make you go "huh" and components that make you go "wow". Some of them are fun to play too.

Hopefully this will be an inclusive and fun space for all who enjoy sitting around a table with some cardboard & wood (and hazelnut spread) on it!