tonight in curse of strahd, we ran into a shambling mound. 3/4 of us almost died in that encounter. One of us dropped twice! I tried so hard to save him and barely failed! it was intense but also a lot of fun.

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The world is pretty awful, but I’m happy to have my furry friends at home and my furry friends here.

Cat ec

I wanna draw people's dnd characters, please tell me about yours

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my villager and zucker, my fav boyo that has moved in

gonna try and start up some jackbox tonight if anyone wants in

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thinking about doing some jackbox later, ping me if interested

I commissioned @Ascendent_Leo on twitter for some of my D&D characters and they look fantastic! Harold Bauer, a custom race Deerfolk Ranger, and Tangon, my tiny Tabaxi Bard.


we're playing some jackbox, anybody want in?

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I want more teen superheroes in costumes that look like they were designed by actual teens

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oh, i'll throw it out here: anyone down for some jackbox AND/OR stardew valley?

they tried hijack a train, instead basically destroyed it and, uh, it's amazing. i love my masks group

every time we learn something new about the Nomad, who is a 19th century cowboy, another player's response: "i hate him so much."

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