we are truly in the 11th hour of our dungeon world game. i'm spooked.

D&D recording session tonight and i'm realizing the mini-dungeon i nudged them into hasn't been built yet! Why did i build a smaller dungeon inside of a larger one? what's wrong with me?

dungeon world updates: hugged big orc lady after besting her in a sparring match. The oracle that our wizard worked with is MISSING???

i drew this a bit ago, but i'm now actually populating this dungeon and having a blast.

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ads 3 months ago: buy ford.

ads now: times sure are tough. buy ford.

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i hate when my white friends go out of their way to criticize communities of color for their homophobia/transphobia. like obviously those things exist in communities of color, they exist everywhere. but when you single out those communities you don't sound like a woke ally you just sound racist and unwilling to examine your own complicity

it kinda reminds me of how some americans talk about israel

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Important Twitter PSA 

I don't know how many of you still use birdsite, but if you do this is important. twitter.com/JulieSmithM/status

Seems if you respond to a tweet, twitter shows you liking the main tweet.

This means it shows you liking tweets you might otherwise not have liked.

Like for instance fascist propaganda.

:ms_writing_hand_clw_g1:​ Xander (They/Them)

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[this is not my pattern] i just finished this one and i love it sm!!

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@pocketghosts look into Steamworld Quest. It's 25 hours and costs $5 on sale. It was my favorite RPG of 2019.

If you like SRPGs you should check out Steamworld Heist too.

Perhaps planning an entire city as a dungeon was a bad idea...

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If your RPG has a silent protagonist and you DON’T offer a female protagonist option, you’re a coward

Curse of Strahd is whipping our butts. we ran into a mimic and 3 of us have gone down and it's still going.

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I am seeing lots of art pieces on the instance not having image description.

If this is not a pure impossibility to you, please do describe your images, there is a function in mastodon especially for that.

It can be extremely helpful for blind people, neuroatypical people, and so on.

It's ok to sometimes forget but please do.
The fonction has been implemented for a reason.

Boost this up!

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This froggo wanted to be my friend. He wouldn’t jump off onto A tree branch and instead insisted on crawling around on me for a while

feeling like some jackbox games tonight, if anyone has any interest

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