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Androgyny of different fantasy races:

Elf: everyone’s pretty, but has no ass.

Dwarf: everyone’s hairy, but has no ass.

Orc: everyone’s SHREDDED and can crack walnuts between their cheeks.

Tiefling androgyny: Aesthetic™ is the new gender.

Aasimar androgyny: everyone is pretty, but if you ever pull their trousers down your eyes get scorched out by divine light.

Goblin androgyny: you’re small and horrible and you're pretty certain that ‘gender’ was a kind of beetle you ate last week.

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my poor elk is tripping and being attacked by raptors. That said, he's doing okay.

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feeling share-y so here's one more

she's a grumpy baby, even if she doesn't look it here

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my charater: *goes into the hold to check on something*
a fucking sea monster: *splits the ship in half*
my character walking back on deck:

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That debate was honestly unreal. It was something else entirely

I think about that Two Cakes comic in regards to creative output and like, it helps for my drawing b/c i know i'm not a pro and won't be, but i enjoy it. What I'm worried about is it becoming cold comfort if my new podcast drops and the sort of universal response is a shrug.

we're watching 10 Things I Hate About You and bby Joseph Gordon Levitt is so cute.

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hello gay bowser!

nice of you to join me for tea gay bowser!

so long gay bowser!

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Plz give me your tabletop characters to draw.

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My roommate and I are actually producing a wiki for our shared world and good lord, we didn't think through some of these things.

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