More shipgirls: there is a sub "race" called Repair Ships, which act as healers. Their Cantrip , Tow Line, lets them hook up to any one creature and restore their health by a certain amount per turn. However, the creature can't move more than five feet from the repair ship until the cantrip is released or they're attacked.

Essentially, the shipgirl race/class starts with two cantrips, but has a pool of three, depending on their class: Torpedo Salvo, Main Battery, and Secondary Battery. They can use physical weapons such as swords and crossbows, but why would you when you're a warship?

Time to find some poor sod to inflict my shipgirl race on.

I'm homebrewing a shipgirl race. Sorry, guys.

The library session went great! I didn't DM but I was reaffirmed about my DMing abilities, so that's good...

The library group meets on Halloween this month. Any suggestions? I'm kinda dejected from my last session, which went horribly, as far as dice rolls go.

The library party is in a city dedicated to Tempus. Next month, I plan for perhaps some cultists to attack the city, and the party be blamed.

Sometimes I think about making a D&D blog on Tumblr. And then I realize that it'll probably be a mistake.

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Also, update on the library DMing: It's going okay. Last session was a bit dicey because the midwest was collectively flooding (still is), but it was really fun. My usual party has been chronically absent so I've been hodgepodging groups together.

Spring is on, the sun is back, and after the ACT is done, I think I can relax.

Got the intense hankering for both a Darkest Dungeon TTRPG and a Terraria TTRPG.

I need someone who isn't one of my players to help me look over my Mega Man campaign... I think outside help is what I need.

Worked four hours on my Campaign today. Four Poms, knocked out. Seven Poms total since Monday.

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