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🧵​Finding people to play games with seems to be such a common struggle. It definitely was for me.

But looking back now, I see some obvious mistakes I was making:

Ever since I first got into board games, I remember countless nights when I was in the mood for some games but didn't know who to invite: friends were not nearby, and nearby people were not close friends.

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Hi all, I'm Žan and I run Let's Play Board Games. It's a web app for organizing and scheduling board game nights, with a focus on privacy, user experience and great design.

My main goal of the app is to help you have more game nights in your life 🎉

If you want to see some posts about game nights (and board games in general) and updates on the development of the app, you're welcome to follow me 😊

Playing Bandido with my 5-year-old. A really nice and simple co-op 😊
I’m enjoying this way more than I thought.

Hello! Thought I’d drop an since I’m fresh from the bird app. I’m Ada, a photographer and board gamer. I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, so that has taken up my life lately. I don’t know what this new social space will mean for me, but I’m excited to try something new!

You’re not the product anymore. You’re a community member in your host’s ad-free server they pay for. There’s no venture capitalist payday coming for them. Everything you do here costs your host a little bit of money. Find out how you can chip in.

Still, after 4 hours of being available to all the guests and after explaining rules to 6 different games (on top of having a normal working day + being with my kids), I'm completely exhausted.

Happy, but exhausted 😅​

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The event was again a huge success. Since this is a small town, everyone is so thankful that an event like this even exists.

I feel privileged to be able to introduce more people to modern board games. And it's the best feeling when people leave happy and excited about board games (which is always the case). And even better when they come back week after week 🥳​

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Oh and my favorite thing? Having people attend who are a bit unsure if they’ll be into board games or not, so they say they’re coming just for 1 hour. And then after 4,5 hours I have to ask them to leave so we can close up 😁 such a great feeling 😊

Really excited to host board game night at a local community center again tonight. We managed to make 4 hours of gaming free for all to attend 😊 it’s once every two weeks which seems like a good balance for now.

Today a group of 14-year-olds are attending as well. I have to figure out what they might be interested in playing. Maybe Avalon, or Escape: The Curse of the Temple? We’ll see, but any suggestions? 😊

Thought I would try this again as I didn't grok the rules before my first post.

I'm Iain McAllister a tabletop critic and podcaster based in Scotland. I've been writing about games for about 8 years and podcasting for coming up on 5.

I write about all sorts of tabletop games and topics on The Giant Brain website. My podcast Brainwaves is industry news focused and sometimes covers less than savoury topics.

You can find all my work here:

re: Tabletop.Social - Harware upgrade, more downtime 

So, now that we are moved to the right offering, we can upgrade the server size.

There will be more downtime, hopefully it will be 10 to 20 minutes only.

I will happen sometime in the next couple of hours I think.

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Just signed up for a monthly donation to and I encourage you to do the same if you’re in a position to do so (you can donate as much or as little as you want). Let’s make sure we don’t ruin this place by overwhelming it without making the effort to give back, yeah? 😊

Mastodon habits I'm trying to lock in, rather than revert to my Twitter habits:

1) use CWs liberally
2) when threading, set first post to "public" and the rest to "not listed"
3) don't forget the description text when posting images (had to work on that in Twitter too)
4) throw in hashtags like it was Tumblr or Instagram when you want to reach beyond your followers
5) pin and visit hashtags to find more people
6) boost a lot

@letsplayboardgames I know what you mean. There's a disconnect between putting together a picture because you like it and making it for the approval of the judges. Or maybe that's commentary 😂

Has anyone tried Canvas yet? I played it last week and it's such a stunning game. But I felt a bit of a disconnect between the theme and the gameplay. The theme is so beautiful and conveys creativity, but the gameplay feels like a purely logical puzzle.

It's weird; I really like both pieces separately (the theme and how it plays), but together it just feels so odd.

On Tuesdays, I work on-campus (I work for a university), and I've slowly been introducing my colleagues to games.

Today's small-enough-to-fit-in-my-bag-with-my-laptop selection is:

The King is Dead 2e
Just One

Which games would you choose to introduce a group of 4-6 to the hobby?

Something that helps me remember the difference between CWing sensitive content on Twitter (e.g. violence) and the more liberal use of it on mastodon is to consider “doomscrolling”. Some people don’t want to be doing that and they can always click and reveal if they do

I wouldn’t CW a news article on Twitter but it would be the right thing for people to do on mastodon. Your toot might just be on a niche topic you know a lot of people are sick of seeing like a sport or a specific politician

I'm glad we're all learning together as a community, and for anyone also struggling to get their head round this new green and pleasant land, I found this page helpful:

Also, I have learnt that:
- Toots aren't threaded (if you're unsure what that is, think old style text messaging)
- Hashtags are important (although I haven't quite figured out using them yet)
- @host is your admin for this server

And finally:

  • When people come to your game night (and are ready to play some games), and have settled in, don't be afraid to say "ok, grab a drink, we're getting started". What helped me, was to realize that I'm the host: it's up to me to say that, not the guests (they're just politely following my lead)

That's it for the big ones. There are a bunch of others, but that's for another time.

Do you have any similar realizations of your own? Did you use to make any of these mistakes as well?

  • When you organize a board game night, make sure you're explicit about it. Tell people what games you had in mind for the night ahead of time. That way people will already arrive with the right expectations.Bonus realization: have the game already set up when they arrive.
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  1. Organize and invite even if some people won't make it. Bonus points for doing it regularly.

Here's the thing - there will always be someone who can't make it. But if you have regular game nights, it's more likely that people will make the time. And if they don't, look at 1.

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Since then, I went from 0 game nights and not knowing any board gamers nearby to weekly game nights and making a bunch of new friends through board games.

Here are my realizations:

  1. I need to be more open about inviting people who are not close friends (yet).This could be as simple as inviting a friend of a friend.

The saying "it's easier to make gamers into friends, than friends into gamers" is very true.

Plus, you end up with new friends this way!

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