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And now I’m working on mine, who I’m describing as “Dragonborn Black Bloc”

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To unwind from a long day, I wanted to whip up a 5E character and, just for fun, I got my wife (who doesn’t really get into TTRPGs) to help me out. Eventually she took over everything but the mechanical parts.

Long story short: she’s now chomping at the bit to play her Mae West-inspired Tiefling Rogue!

I wanted to pop back into this thread and say that I think WotC is doing good work now, for the most part. I’m glad that the game has come into its own as an experience that is welcoming to everyone. Furthermore, I really don’t see them publicly addressing the shittiness of some of their consultants any more than the little they have.

But this is always in the back of my mind.

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I understand that attitudes have evolved and a lot of folks (myself included) have made mistakes and hopefully learned from them. But WotC has a big audience and with that I believe comes a greater responsibility to speak on these issues and own up to when they as a company (or as a collection of individuals) fall short. Especially when their actions or inaction hurt people.

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Part of my 5E hesitation was a big dustup that happened during the Next test. One of the consultants got into a fight with a Twitter mufo (a trans game designer) and the consultant and their followers harassed/doxxed/deadnamed my mufo until she not only quit Twitter but game design in general.

That really sucks, and I miss chatting with her. She shouldn’t have had to go through that. I’m glad WotC highlights the diversity of the hobby now, but it always rings a little false.

I made a new way to make & for called Dr. Moreau's Monster Toolbox!

Check it out!

It's free for now, because I need playtesters and feedback!

It started with a joke in the Slack about the Blades in the Dark novel “Silk and Silver”, and how one of the characters in our Crew is nicknamed Silver.

Then, the player asked if Silk could be Silver’s girlfriend. I told her, sure, why not? She and I worked out that Silk is actually the nickname for the demon Settara, so Silver is banging a demon.

I presented the idea that Settara was something halfway between a quaint shop owner and a Cenobite, and the player loved it.

I love this game!

I’m coming around on 5E. There’s a lot I still don’t like about certain parts (spells everywhere, some class designs), but the bones are solid. Especially with some of the extra ideas they throw in XGtE. The new encounter-building tools alone are worth the cost of admission.

I forgot to mention the crimes!

* stealing a fishing schooner (subsequently named Crime Boat)
* sabotaging an informant’s career to save their own bacon
* getting hired by Demon (?) Banksy to deface their own painting (and probably kick off a terrible ritual)

Normal people doing normal crimes.

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So far, my core Blades in the Dark gang’s core group has:

* a Hound with a ghost-hunting dire raccoon
* a Whisper with a demon lover that feeds off of murder
* a Cutter who is trying to become a steampunk Street Samurai

Yep, normal people doing normal crimes.

Anyone have experience with Whitehack? Worth picking up?

I’m going to play in a 5E game and, despite a lot of grumbling I’ve done about a lot of the system, I’m... excited? I’m playing a Monk which looks fun as hell from a mechanical perspective, and the DM has been super receptive to my questions about pacing and characterization.

In a week, I will run another session of Blades in the Dark for my pals in the local DSA chapter, and so far two of the regular players have suggested missions sketches for me to flesh out and run.

This is unprecedented. I’ve never had people come to me with a “here’s a mission I’d like to see you run”. I *love* this. I can nudge the emergent narrative arc towards directions they like. I don’t have to guess - I know!

bad literary-/drug-based joke in the SR:A game 

GM: your contact wants you to meet at a place called Finnegan’s.

Me: OOH! Can it be a weed dispensary that serves breakfast foods?

GM: why on earth...?

Me: the full name is “Finnegan’s Wake and Bake”!

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