5E, XGtE 

I’m so glad Xanathar’s Guide to Everything came along and brought back the bizarro class concepts I missed from 4E. My appreciation of 5E has grown significantly, but I still feel like so many subclasses are too staid and conservative. I never had any interest in playing a Rogue before, but now I can play a Mastermind and be a Support Rogue (who saw that concept coming? I sure as hell didn’t).

re: 5E, XGtE 

@kvltjam I agree! I missed 4E entirely, but I'm very happy with my 12 Strength Kobold Barbarian Path of the Zealot who is devoted to Tiamat!

re: 5E, XGtE 

@nafzib I’m glad to see a Defender Fighter come back too in the Cavalier! Then we get to really unexpected things like sorta-Cleric Sorcerers and Warlocks! Fantastic!

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