I’m back with another blog post, celebrating the lean, compact rules of “neo-OSR” games like Whitehack and Macchiato Monsters. kvltjam.writeas.com/spoiler-al

I’m mulling over a way to hack Ironsworn into a satire about gig-economy hirelings wrecking their bodies for the profit of asshole OSR-adventurer bosses

I brainstormed a new approach to how to handle Icon Relationship Rolls in 13th Age, and I’d love to hear what you think about them. kvltjam.writeas.com/another-cr

I’ve taught my players to rightly fear progress clocks in Blades in the Dark...

I dont know what baba is and if anyone tells me I will mute them

When bae catches you deep frying a sword to make a chimikatana.

Not only is this song bringing back memories of my industrial/EBM club-going days, it (once again) makes me want to run a cyberpunk RPG song.link/i/1293401452

I realized the personality I’ve saddled my 5E Bard with is “YouTube/Instagram Influencer” and I filled with both pride and disgust

I’m listening to Black Metal in my cubicle and, frankly, it whips song.link/i/1292045640

5E, XGtE 

I’m so glad Xanathar’s Guide to Everything came along and brought back the bizarro class concepts I missed from 4E. My appreciation of 5E has grown significantly, but I still feel like so many subclasses are too staid and conservative. I never had any interest in playing a Rogue before, but now I can play a Mastermind and be a Support Rogue (who saw that concept coming? I sure as hell didn’t).

In the title of the popular card game "Magic: The Gathering", the (of dweebs) is implied.

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