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I don't know what I'm going to do with this reaction image but it feels incredibly useful

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Truly a #trainsgender occasion! ^_^

"Two train-lovers were treated to their 'dream' wedding onboard a West Coast Main Line service, after winning a competition to tie the knot onboard.

Video game journalist Laura Kate Dale wed podcaster Jane Magnet at 125mph on Tuesday, aboard the 10.59am service from London Euston to Birmingham New Street.

Eighteen guests were invited for the all-expenses-paid celebration in the 'Marriage Carriage', with the couple partying for hours with friends and family."


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People talk about "releasing" software, stop doing that!

Software raised in captivity cannot survive in the wild! Feral software is also a big threat to digital biodiversity. Do not release software.

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one time i went on a trip with an email as an email attachment! it was fun :3

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Whenever it starts raining she stops whatever she’s doing and strikes this majestic pose

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Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier: Erneut #Sicherheitslücke in CDU-App gefunden. Diesmal aber nicht an die #CDU gemeldet, sondern direkt veröffentlicht, um eine Strafanzeige zu vermeiden.

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Never get old
"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it's not satire, it's bullying."
Still Pratchett

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toxic masculinity in memes 

I am seriously tired of the
strong/buff/chad vs weak/crying/virgin memes that signify a good bad dichotomy.

It's 120% toxic masculinity to correlate "good" with big muscles and "bad" with crying and/or virginity.

Will you please stop it!

And no, using it ironically doesn't remove the toxicity, because someone else will see it and relate to it unironically.

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here's a friendly reminder to backup as much as you can :blobcatsip:
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Red panda tummy, open for business. (And snugs.)

Fullbody cuddly pal for @avie !!! Tysm <3

Want to support me? Maybe you’ll consider buying me a coffee!

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pov: u are a forest fairy checking on ur moss friends

If anyone hasn't seen it yet, there's a Kickstarter for an Avatar (Airbender, not Pandora) RPG:

It's got over $1 million in less than a day already 😅

joke post, gender? 

The gender-neutral term for "handyman" is "handividual".

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Just a friendly reminder

Mastodon doesn't need your patreon money nearly as much as your local instance owners do

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Miniaturized Foxes in a Bottle.

Consumable. You may cast the Conjure Animals spell to summon a skulk of foxes.

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Kurze Durchsage: Ab heute gilt das Gesetz, das Upload-Filter auf bestimmten Online-Plattformen vorschreibt.

Falls du von einer fälschlichen Sperrung legaler Inhalte betroffen bist, melde das bei

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There is a really bad privacy bug in the new “official” #mastodon #ios app. If you reply to a dm it defaults to totally public. This is honestly a really awful bug that has already resulted in mistakingly posting publicly something I meant to be private.

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Das ist in #NRWE wirklich so:

alles was auch nur im entferntesten nach Kohleprotest riecht wird von Team Blau dranglasiert, mit haltlosen Beschuldigungen überzogen, angegriffen etc.

Ne Bekannte hat mal eine Mahnwache bei der Bullerei angemeldet, in Alt-Manheim.

Da haben die allen Ernstes gesagt:
"Da müssen wir RWE anrufen."

Und RWE hats verboten.

Nicht die Bullerei.


Am nächsten Tag haben sie dann die Bekannte mit unterdrückter Nummer angerufen.

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