Aaaaand I just got the reviews for my game for Game Chef. I'm really happy with them 🤩​ Quite positive reviews, but some very useful feedback to improve the game 🤩

I'll publish the game soon. This one is called "The 5 whys" and it's a game about failure, in which the scenes go backwards, kind of like in the film Memento. I've played a couple of times solo, and once with other people, and it was really fun 😁

@kirby Receiving that kind of feedback, or the game? 😅

If you mean the game, you can see a preview here (this is the version I submitted, I need to change it a bit to include the feedback received today):

I'll (re-)announce here once I have the second version, and I have created the entry in my "catalog" and possibly uploaded to and DriveThruRPG 😁

@hardcorenarrativist Both of em, really, but I'm very tired, so who knows! 🤷

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