I'm really tempted. I miss battletech, and a fresh box with what looks to be much better plastics than previous ones (looking at the 6th box set disaster) would be nice.


@Notsonoble I have this huge nostalgia for BattleTech…

@Notsonoble (Never actually played the tabletop game, but I loved the 90s PC games and read a bunch of novels 😅 )

@kirby So with the 3 versions of it now (Alpha Strike, Quick-Start, and Classic/Full Ruleset) there's really a good tabletop option for all skillsets and playlevels. Anything from quick games to the long stuff.

@kirby I was actually exposed to it before D&D. So it's very much on my list of games I remember.

I just wish the rpg side of it wasn't terribly convoluted. With the explosion of projects like this maybe we'll get something a bit better in followup.

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