Does anyone know a online bullet journal app?

Maybe something that does not include hundreds of dependencies from npm and a "webscale document storage"? Bonus for slurs in the name 😉

PS: Don't recommend paper to me. I know about paper, trust me.

@kirby @jalcine I’ve looked for one, even just digital in general, and they’re pretty non existent. I’ve just resorted to a hacky way with digital notes apps and tags.

@frankspin @jalcine 😦
That's a shame… maybe I'll put some thoughts into what I'd have to do to fix that… but I've never done much front end dev… 🤔

@hyde_stevenson @kirby @jalcine I’m using Bear but have contemplated an iPad + pencil and Goodnotes

@kirby @jalcine Just found Joplin notes which might be what you want. It lets you sync via Dropbox, NextCloud, and even WebDav

@frankspin I don't know it doesn't look like it's different from any other note-taking app?

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