When #Cloudflare and #Google prevent you from watching a government's parliamentary debates. Does that count as interfering with democratic processes?

And no, you don't get a chance to prove to a computer that you're human, this is a hard lock out, disguesed as a CAPTCHA.


@MacLemon Wow.
You should probably… call your MP or something?
Like… that's a real problem that needs to be brought to the attention of… someone…

No for-profit corporation should run/gatekeep/have a presence on a government website.
That's bloody terrifying.

@kirby The UK Parliament also uses TheoPlayer, has Google Tracking on their website, and distributes Video via a domain called eurovisoncdn.net which seems to be part of CEDEXIS and PSICDN. Both tracking companies which *seem* to be US based.

It all sounds so fishy…

What would happen if the UK Gov found out they're running their videostreams over something called Eurovision CDN. *lol*

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