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Based on an idea I had last night.

Description: An animated gif (very slow animation, no flicker) shwowing a (mocked up) difficulty selection screen from a video game.
It cycles through "Medium", "Hard", "Impossible", "Skip combat" and "Easy", while the description box to the right says "Play the game as it was meant to be played.", no matter which difficulty is selected.

Original file (not ugly-compressed):

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Agitating against landlords, posters, large file warning! 

It used to be an ad (second image), now it's propaganda!

Source of second image:

First image (the propaganda one) is by me, Kirby.

I release this work under a CC0 license and, to the extent possible under law, waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights to it.

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Use a password manager and 2FA. Seriously - if you don't want to get hacked, those two simple steps will get you a long way in securing yourself from non-nation-state actors.

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Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds is NOW LIVE

100% of the proceeds from this bundle will go to the National Network for Abortion Fund's Collective Power Fund, which moves money directly to abortion funds across 20+ U.S. states, with a particular focus on the South and Midwest.

The Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds includes almost 800 works by over 600 developers, writers, artists, and creators, and you can pick it up until July 13th here;

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Since it is now July 4th in my wedge of the world, I'd like to give out an early and heartfelt wish for death to the genocidal, enslaving regime that is the so-called United States of America ๐Ÿ™ :tipsytentacle_candle: ๐Ÿ’–

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Software Freedom Conservancy:

"As a result of GitHub's bad actions, today we call on all FOSS developers to leave GitHub."

They explain why here:


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This is about 90% more math than I can handle recreationally, but it's good to know that rolling with advantage averages out to about 2/3rds, and why.

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july is disability pride month

send money to disabled people

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New Mastodon logo v2c (improved).really.Copy Of Final(2).svg.png.jpg.bmp.jpg.jpg.jpeg.jpg.jpg.webp

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Very in-depth social engineering Discord scam, PLEASE BOOST FOR VISIBILITY :boost_requested: 

I've never seen a Discord scam like this, and I almost fell for it. A hacked account will DM you with "bro idk if you're being impersonated or what but they exposed your dms in [INSERT SERVER HERE] with that girl and like what the fuck?? im sorry but i dont associate with those types of people so if you cant explain it then i will be blocking you." and immediately block you.

Upon joining the server, it'll ask you to verify with Wick bot, but it's a fake Wick bot that asks you to scan your Discord mobile app for QR code verification.

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Does anyone have a list of #tabletop terms/vocabulary? I want one with words relevant to any kind, like card games, TTRPGs, board games, etc


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Wikipedia meta 

You may remember when Scots Wikipedia was vandalized by a Yank that couldn't actually write or speak Scots. You may also remember when Croatian Wikipedia was hijacked by militant Croatian nationalists that turned the website into a hub for racist conspiracy theories.

Now, it has just been revealed that a massive portion of Russian history articles on Chinese Wikipedia were entirely works of fiction.

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White people have race
Cis men have gender
Straight people have sexuality
Abled people have access needs.

It's just that theirs are dominant and unquestioned in a way that refuses coexistence with difference, always elbowing others out while denying they do it.

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Don't brag.

Especially about your crimes.

No one should know you.

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Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on fedi

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on birbsite

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on Reddit

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes, full stop

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I've updated my font VCR Jazz Mono for (hopefully) the last time!

v3.0 features some new Unicode characters, mainly stuff that can be interpreted as either input devices, or just stuff on a camcorder!

As always, download is here!

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Six easy and simple rules for good web design 

-NO popups
-NO banners
-NO bars that scroll with you
-NO panels that appear or disappear depending on which direction you're scrolling
-NO misleading cookie consent dialogs
-NO tracking

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"Proposal to stop referring to the pandemic in the past tense and climate change in the future tense."

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if you think its crazy that google put a guy on leave for saying their AI was sentient,, wait til you hear about all the ethics researchers that google has fired because they said their AI was racist

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welp, looks like Microsoft just killed off the major competitor to VSCode (Atom). anyone got a recommendation on a different editor that isn't VSCode, since I don't wanna support these kinds of tactics?

#atom #microsoft #dead

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some AI generated images are funny but a lot are upsetting or scary. please CW all of them!! Content warnings for good or bad or neutral helps to keep the fedi a chill place for one another. โค๏ธ asking for consent thru a content warning heads up before showing people stuff rocks :emby: :boost_ok: :eyeless_baguette:

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Don't talk to the fash, to the terf, to the whatever.

Don't allow them to back and forth with you.

Don't afford them a space in which to say their bullshit.

You see them, you block them, you report them.

You can't facts and logic them, all you can is just amplify their bs into your community.

That's the only reason they talk to you.

They are not hanging around to be convinced.

Block them, report them.

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