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Based on an idea I had last night.

Description: An animated gif (very slow animation, no flicker) shwowing a (mocked up) difficulty selection screen from a video game.
It cycles through "Medium", "Hard", "Impossible", "Skip combat" and "Easy", while the description box to the right says "Play the game as it was meant to be played.", no matter which difficulty is selected.

Original file (not ugly-compressed):

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Agitating against landlords, posters, large file warning! 

It used to be an ad (second image), now it's propaganda!

Source of second image:

First image (the propaganda one) is by me, Kirby.

I release this work under a CC0 license and, to the extent possible under law, waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights to it.

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Linux: update polkit now 

If you are using #Linux, regardless of which distribution, update Polkit (PolicyKit)

wordle day 221 

Wow, this one stumped me (for four rows).
Four rows with only two partials?
And then… that fifth row?
I mean, at that point I did have a pretty good idea for the sixth row, but… this looks weird, right!?

wordle day 220 

My starter words mostly failed me!
Not a single green one!
Still, once I had all five letters, and knew that it didn't end with one of 'em, it was easy xD

wordle day 219 

Woof. That one I almost whiffed.
Had to go with the bad old "what can't it be" process πŸ˜…

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Fourth time's increasingly the charm. Off by one error?


Ugh, got a single letter wrong again xD

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Blahaj is now available for your blobby emoji needs at !

Thanks to the amazing commissioner, these are all free for use. Also in telegram sticker form at

(If you want your own, I'm open for commissions!)


This one was a bit tougher, had to break out starting word #3!

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Wordle, bonus description generator preview 

Trying out the first iteration of my Wordle image + description generator, because of course I couldn't leave well enough alone.

I went to post this and then spent another hour tweaking it, and now it is 3am and way past my bedtime. If you wanna play with it yourself, it's over at

Anyway, this game is fun and I did good today (well, yesterday now, ssh)

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Wir haben neulich Schnelltests gekauft und erst spΓ€ter festgestellt, dass deren Erkennungsraten extrem niedrig sind. DarΓΌber haben wir uns so sehr geΓ€rgert, dass wir eine praktische Einkaufshilfe gebaut haben:


My new starting words work well, I guess!

Wordle 215 3/6


What day is it, and if so, how do we stop it?


Wordle 214 4/6


Once again there were two candidate words differing by one letter and I picked the wrong one. Hmpf.


Wordle 213 4/6


That was alright.

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Relevant to yesterday’s webcomics discourse, I just re-stumbled upon this essay about how messed up the state of building one’s first website has become.

HTML isn’t hard, the environment we make websites in now is hard but for no good reason.

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#linux #cve-2021-4122
cryptsetup can be tricked to decrypt a volume. apparently published January 13th 2022, but I haven't seen that anywhere yet:

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This isn't brunch on the weekends kind of relationships. It's not even "hey neighbor can I have a cup of sugar." This is "we are raising our children together" kind of relationships. And pushing ourselves to imagine this in the same way we imagine roads being torn up and green spaces and bike paths being put in it's place is exactly how we undo capitalist alienation.

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re: wordle 

Wordle 212 3/6


Arg, I was like "I wanna say it's 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩, but surely πŸŸ©β¬›πŸŸ©πŸŸ©πŸŸ© is a much more commen word, yeah…"

Guess I should go with my gut, huh?

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