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Oops I cognitohazard'd myself.

I wrote a tiny program for doing the silly tumblr meme of playing only every second beat of a song and then I also made like 100 every second beat posts on tumblr

One of my favourite ones is and you can see all of them here:

and now for many of these songs I can no longer listen to the original without my brain skipping to every next beat.

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Milkshake, ukpol, Farage, lmao Show more

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Every choice made, every random event, every roll of dice creates a new timeline. I can show you how to step between them.
Do /this/
Just so.
We stepped to a timeline identical to your old, except someone somewhere rolled a two instead of a four.
Come, we have many steps to go.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Me, listening to some 90s acid funk: Okay, but when does the bass drop?

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Throw chocolate and strawberry milkshakes!

Antivanilla Action

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Done (patreon but public post):
Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

For the flag ones, feel free to ask if you want other ones.

I can do other modification if you are a patreon or for 💸 . Or you can modify them or ask somebody else to do that: the license allows it.

If someone use them please let me know, it makes me happier. ^^

It's called Pulcino Gelsomino, Jasmine the Chick.

#commission open btw
#art #chick #creativeCommons #emoji #emojos

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salt about hucking milkshakes at fascists Show more

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Turns out before there was the trend of making everything out of Jeans (Jorts, etc.) there was the trend of making everything run Java… the results (e.g. Jazelle) sound eerily similar.

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ableism, not targeted at anyone, but instead pointing out a trend Show more

Crowdfunding a Super Monkey Ball fan game! Show more

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technology, ableism, and environmentalism Show more

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Mastodon/glitch-soc privacy issue PSA Show more

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If you're posting for #FineFemmeFriday please please PLEASE CW your selfies and tag for eye contact

Probably the last time I'm gonna beg for CW's

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Taking some $20 icon commissions to get me through this month since I don't get my first full paycheck til June 1st. I'd like to get at least 5.

#transarts #transcrowdfund

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it started, as all major political movements seemed to now, in the cat cafés.

once the cats were outfitted with translator collars, they soon realized they could communicate not just with the humans, but with each other, in complex human words heretofore not comprehended by the cats.

words like wages, and capital, and relative surplus value. and solidarity.

and industrial sabotage

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Really great background info about that "two wolves" story here:
Please boost as you would a good meme.

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