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Oh godesses… I need to go to sleep before I run any more code that I apparently forgot to comment out.

I am so sorry!

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I'm blatantly reposting this on here, because it is beautiful
validation and hope instead of toxic positivity

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Brexit in parliament, funny autogenerated subtitles Show more

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Look if the French Academy thinks it's okay to call themselves "Immortals" it's only fair that Unicode Consortium engineers get to call themselves warlocks.

After all, they're pretty familiar with the ethereal planes.

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April's autism awareness month. Show more

re: Cute thing my sister's toddler said Show more

Cute thing my sister's toddler said Show more

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anyway dipshit reply guys notwithstanding, periodic reminder and psa that

1 - fedi is just a bunch of postgres databases with a friendly clown interface on them and anything you post is copied to hundreds of them! this is cool and fine and "federation" but it is not private at ALL! there is zero encryption!

2 - as such yes any DM can be found in said database if an instance admin on one of the instances involved in the DM goes pawing through their database. DMs can also be reported by a participant. this is true of any service, incl twitter, facebook, etc because for those messages to be sent they need to... exist, in a database.

Oh, and it's complete in box, with the manuals and everything. Should have mentioned that.

re: For sale: GPD Win (1st gen, latest revision) Show more

re: For sale: GPD Win (1st gen, latest revision) Show more

For sale: GPD Win (1st gen, latest revision) Show more

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list of my favorite letters in the english alphabet Show more

Bad kerning or… ? (joke post) Show more

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let’s not intentionally misspell or “censor” words as it bypasses the filters in place of folks trying to use self care and avoid topics that hurt them

thank u

re: Complaining about video games: Axiom Verge Show more

Complaining about video games: Axiom Verge Show more

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