tabletop DMs search histories be like "one hour of tactical music epic mix"

watch your back. shoot straight. conserver power packs. and never, EVER, cut a deal with a Hutt

they need to move pride month to september so pride cometh before the fall

"you can't pick that name, it's stupid"

sir, this is a star wars campaign

brainstorming an npc with my party. we aspire to get him the degree of fandom that every onceler gets on tumblr

if women aren't reluctantly simping for him we have failed in our duty

sabercopters are literally the force user equivalent of heelies

do you think that the meetra surik sabercoptered away after activating the mass shadow generator

i can't believe a guy tried to spend 3 hours trying to do what chillindude accomplished in 1 minute 41 seconds

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shoutout to my kotor 1 xbox disc for being too scratched for my xb1 to register it as an xbox disc but unscratched enough that it registers as a dvd disc and plays the PLEASE START THIS GAME IN AN XBOX CONSOLE screen

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