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Based on my thoughts on what kind of Classic Traveller prep worked best for me, I'm just adding names and job titles for some situations.

@kensanata I've many thoughts about this issue, unordered but already starting to ruminate ...

Che Webster had an episode about finite vs. infinite games:

I think this provides an interesting perspective on the subject ...

Thinking about Replays after listening to the two episodes of the Diceology podcast where MadJay Zero talks with Andy Kitkowski. Perhaps this is a good format for teaching how to play a system. Not a reference manual, but like an actual play in text.

Hello there!
I'm Gorsh, long time RPG player, somewhat newer boardgame player, and new to mastodon; trying to quit Fb for good but keep some RPG talk spaces that have nice communities.
I mostly play non-D&D stuff, and my sweet spot is somewhere where indie games and crunchy sim collide; if such a thing exists. But I also enjoy at least as food-for-thought any game design that pushes the envelope of what RPGs are about.
As for me; I go by he/him, and I'm a spanish speaker first.

I finally wrote a very long blog post about learning to play role-playing games from modules, and what I don't like about it. I'm interested in hearing how other people play D&D-like games without modules.

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Started drawing characters in our DnD campaign:
This is Rugnush, a young baker and wizard halforc

Just say no to that, look the other way, and move on, if the inanity you're seeing online is a problem. That's how I handle the hobby, I guess. Here, like everywhere else in life, I have to focus on the good stuff to make life bearable.

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"The root of my dissatisfaction comes from what I feel are the implicit acceptance of concepts that I abhor. It seems kind of silly, but I think that like many prevailing attitudes that are harmful to the development of our societies are so ingrained as to be invisible without a lot of introspection, games also have these harmful prevailing concepts or assumptions. … This hobby carries a lot of baggage …"

Any other indie devs here? I would love to get some "networkign" done on this platform as well.

«Model United Nations: the Most Popular FKR Game … I bet you didn't know that it's an FKR game. And yes, it really is. Not in like a "you know, if you really think about it, it kinda fits the definition!" way or something cheeky like that. It's very straightforwardly an FKR game, and if more was known about its history (it's a bit murky tbh) then I strongly suspect we could probably trace its lineage back to the original Prussian kriegspiel games.»

A calm POV regarding D&D, which I currently play even though I'd prefer something simpler.
"I have been saying EVERYWHERE that WotC will not do anything until the 50th anniversary of D&D in 2024. They can spend the first two-quarters of 2024 hyping D&D from its roots and evolution. Expect a huge deep dive into nostalgia. Then third quarter (or even fourth to get that Christmas dollar) D&D 5.5 will hit the shelves."

Old stuff reappearing on the RPG Planet:
"So I started flipping through and rereading one of the Wraith Squadron books - Allston's first entries into writing Star Wars fiction. They focus on a ragtag bunch of near-washouts with nevertheless exceptional skills, multiclass commando/pilots tasked with special operations for the New Republic."

Why haven't I heard of the movie Bright?
"In Bright, you also have elves, orks and other fantasy races. Even centaurs. AND Bright takes place in modern-day Los Angeles. Modern day, NOT future. Bright is not science fiction. Bright is our world + fantasy races + magic (more on that in a minute), but without cyberpunk. Bright is as dystopian as modern day L.A. or any big city in the West. It’s a contemporary dystopian setting."

There's a Docker Hub image containing Hex Describe, Text Mapper, and Face Generator. In case you know about Docker (Docker Desktop on Windows), this is how to install the three web apps without knowing anything about Perl, I guess.

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