If you want to give it a try:
ssh -p 2022

Currently map dimensions are limited to 99×99. Move around using arrows or h j k l, and raise or lower areas using u and d; with shift u and shift d only raise or lower just the current hex. Ideas for later: add rivers and settlements to the map; add a key to show some random info for the hex (generated using tables such as the ones I use for Hex Describe?); some way to upload and download a map, or keep state.

Now with river visualisation. And I already found a bug where water from a lake was flowing from A to B and back into the lake. That's not how it works! 😆
I'm enjoying the idea of having an application that can be used by other people without requiring a web browser…
The application now also supports offline mode, in case you build it yourself.

Also, switching to a tiny font slows the redraw down to a crawl. Yikes.

Hex Populate, the map generator accessible via ssh, now supports the 's' key for saving a map file and then, while the client is still connected, you can scp to the same address and download the map… More info on the help screen accessible via '?'. I'm confused how this is allowed to work but it does. I guess in a way I'm sad that I even have to write a file on the server side. Oh well. it's already pretty weird!

ssh -p 2022

OK, it get's weird, now. Hex Populate, the map generator accessible via ssh, now creates SVG maps in addition to the text map you see while interacting with it. Use the s key to save the file, and while you're still connected via ssh, you can download the maps thus saved using scp! WTF is wrong with this project. Use the ? key to see the scp command you need to use (every connection gets a random number assigned). Perhaps one day… upload!? But not today. 😄

ssh -p 2022

The kind of hex math that keeps haunting me year after year. Computing control points on Bézier curves and the like.

I've spent two days improving the river system generation in the map generator. It's a glorious waste of time, but this is my summer break and I promised myself to not do anything productive or efficient. So here I am, tinkering with the river system generation!

ssh -p 2022

Stuff I still want to do:

  • place settlements based on the length of the upstream river system
  • settlements reduce wood density
  • long rivers deposit a delta which is going to be a special kind of swamp

@kensanata hjkl? 😲😲😲 Why not Ctrl + npfb? 😅😅😅

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