“a Roman legion (roughly 5,000 men) in the Late Republic might have carried into battle around 44,000kg … of iron – not counting pots, fittings, picks, shovels and other tools we know they used. That iron equipment in turn might represent the mining of around 541,200kg … of ore, smelted with 642,400kg … of charcoal, made from 4,620,000kg … of wood. Cutting the wood and making the charcoal … might represent something like … 80,000 man-days of labor. For one legion.”

@kensanata What a great article.
Colliers (Köhler / “kolare”) have lived on in Swedish history since there were some great poems written about them and their experience.

@kensanata Heh. I have started reading this blog 3 or 4 months ago, still digging into the archives. I'm currently reading his series about Sparta. Most articles are very interesting.

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