@takeonrules hehe, for certain definitions of “simple” of course. All those scripts and tools you do use don’t seem to be simple to use. It’s about access to the raw storage (files), management tasks (tools), transferred objects (how many files, which files). Too add more simplicity one would have to go to static files without a generator, I think. Or maybe just one “generate HTML” step.

@kensanata absolutely!

In my case, simple for me are scripts that have narrow/single responsibilities. Which keeps maintenance simple. These scripts rely on libraries, which adds complexity.

Last night I wrote a simple macro to take a selected "word" and convert it to a Hugo short-code `{{< abbr "word" >}}`. That `abbr` shortcode does quite a lot and is not simple. However it hopefully simplifies the cognitive load of someone reading my site.

In other words, someone pays for your simplicity.

@kensanata can I quote this Toot and my reply in a blog post? If you want, I can send you a copy to review before I post.

I'm going to be bringing in simplicity from games (5E's bold text monster name instead of inline stat block is one example of simplicity that pushes the complexity elsewhere)

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