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I think the reason I don’t like Darkest Dungeon is both the aesthetic that pulls me down emotionally, and the gameplay: it’s like the character build mini game of modern iterations of D&D with none of the fun. What ability interacts well with what other ability? This question, in a gazillion variants, is basically the game. That’s not what I like about games, I think.

@fuseboy Oohhh! Offset printing sounds very nice. But the risk, the risk... of the only risk is delay, I’d take it though!

Split up the functionality of @textmapper and @hexdescribe (two bots that post weekly links): one posts just a map, the other posts a map, and a link to a mini-setting. I'm starting to wonder if every generator I wrote to create a visual something needs a bot to spread the word, haha.

I've been working on my face generator for spider faces, and I wrote a little blog post about it.

CW: spider faces, of course!

As for @textmapper, I think the last map is a harsh reminder that global warming and an eventual water world is thinkable… but the description provided by Hex Describe is a bit lame. It thinks every blue hex is a lake: I need to differentiate between the open ocean, coastal regions, and lakes!

This is a useful discussion of how to run a hex campaign.
"So, there you have it – the procedures and philosophy underpinning my Hex campaign."

«The former system of eight "Grand Schools" (Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, and Transmutation), a system that fit so neatly into the eightfold paradigm, suffered several esoteric but devastating blows. Transmuting base metals was shown to be a property of raw magic, not a separate school or class of spell.»
But the comments on the blog post are the best! 😁

The two episodes of Fear of a Black Dragon in Yoon-Suin make me want to order a print edition. I shall try to use it for my current campaign! It appears to be so eminently usable.

I'm still working on Hex Describe and I still love reading through those mini-settings. They get better and better, I feel! And reading through them gives me ideas for more stuff to add.

Introducing the kids of friends to roleplaying games while babysitting. (Not really babies anymore, haha.)
We’re using “Hexen & Haudegen” which is the German translation or Sorcerers & Sellswords, which is the Fantasy translation of Lasers & Feelings. It’s perfect! We played without GM and drew cards from Paizo’s Harrow Deck to inspire the story: The Avalanche, The Empty Throne, The Rakhshasa. Very nice!

Onym just happened to cross my radar: ostensibly a curated list of tools and resources for naming things, but it contains a wealth of links to numerous sites of interest to linguists and language-freaks in general:

@Judd’s podcast episode on writing about games and remembering games makes me think about my wiki and my blog. I write session reports on the wiki for us to remember what happened last time, for us to search for names and locations, but not to reread it after 10 years. I use the blog to write about rules and prep and all that. Those I will occasionally reread, mostly when talking to other people on the Internet. I’ll remember having written something years ago…

Music for prepping the game:
Music for running the game:
As for my current game, we play tracks from The Witcher CRPG (the first one). One of the players is in control of the music and picks appropriate tracks because I can’t multitask running the game and picking the music.

Anybody else putting out links to RPG blog posts they liked in the last few weeks? I think we need this kind of stuff.

@kensanata I experimented with this a few years back.

It quadrupled the writing time but I think it worked.

I want to write and read and run games like Kate Tempest playing on my phone right now.

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