Revamped my Editor RPG -- a solo RPG hex crawl for vim.

Find it here:

Thanks @yrabbit for suggesting some changes...

I just learned about tabaxi (D&D 5E cat people). I've been using bugbears as cat people in my game, thinking of them as perfect thieves – like the Khajiit in Skyrim. Bugbears work well in my system because the 5-in-6 chance of surprise can be extended to all thieving activities and a human thief needs to attain level 9 before their thieving skills are at 5-in-6 (2-in-6 at first, 3-in-6 @ 3rd, 4-in-6 @ 6th, 5-in6 @ 9th level).

A series of blog posts starting with this one talking about copyright and stat blocks in the context of Wizards of the Coast and D&D.

Super interesting post on how I don’t prep: John B uses index cards for problems that require decisions and index cards for characters, assigns them to the decision point cards, and then moves from like to pile as the game progresses. Fascinating.

I think my Planets are back and all the features I wanted to implement have been implemented! These are simple web pages that refresh once every four hours, pulling in new blog posts from the blogosphere. If you own a RPG blog and would like to see it added, let me know.

This is the all-in-one Planet:

If you're only into OSR:
If you're only into indie:

@Judd’s podcast β€œEpisode 44: AP - The Last Case | IG: Mando again” starts out with a little eulogy about gaming – healthy, consistent, fun stuff is rare in some of our lives but gaming can be it, weaving itself into the tapestry of our lives. What a wonderful phrase.

For my D&D needs I might just read the setting bible instead.
I mean, I was basically decided to give He-Man a try after reading Ramanan’s blog, eg Masters of Carcosa posts such as this one:

Love these two customers walking into a gaming store and realizing one doesn’t need to play D&D like they do on YouTube. ❀️

Combat mechanic: all combatants in melee roll their attack and deal damage to anybody they beat. That would explain why mooks don't dare fight big shots...

We continued our short Mazes & Minotaurs campaign and quickly advanced to level 3. I must say, this is a fun diversion from the "usual" OSR stuff but the frankly horrible initiative system got replaced quickly and... wow, PCs get really powerful FAST. My thief maxed out some stats at level 2 (!!). Still, this is fun and of course, free.

Terrible spellcasters have secrets I don't dare write down for fear of crossing the line. πŸ˜¨β€‹

Maybe is should simply create a folder of nice landscape pictures I took and set my self the goal of repainting them.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should try drawing landscapes so I could illustrate a setting guide. Or maybe just blog posts. Deciding to illustrate my monster manual has led to a clear todo list of drawings, well defined subjects, and a timeline. It was perfect and I became better at it. Not sure how I should frame this task for myself so it will result in a similar push.

i gotta read more rpg theory in the new year just for self-edification (and inspiration to write my own)

here's a piece i really like that's also just a great explanation for the design choices i enjoy playing!

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