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Jitsi sounds great!

As for dice rolling, we could all join a dice room on rolz, β€œspecial chat rooms designed to facilitate pen&paper roleplaying online, in groups - here you can have joined sessions with other players.”

The latest podcast episode by @Judd on learning about your character reminded me of two old blog posts of mine:

Β«when my fellow players look at me quizzically as I write down a word or two after a scene I explain that I am adding personality elements to my character and writing it down so I won’t forget.Β»

Β«where I, as a player, realize that this particular character would never or always do something particularΒ»

Game design pro tip. Are you trying to make custom icons for abstract concepts for a game? Test them on your eight-year-old like this until you get them right.

Got my gopherspace up and running.

Of course, it is now more complete than my HTML site, which I should probably bother to update both the formatting and the content for.


The most substantial writing on there are the #rpg entries from the original site, which have an #osr flavor. My music is also on there, along with the start of a phlog.

Anyone who is also on #gopher and wants me to link to their space, just ping me and let me know.

Running Just Halberds on Saturday, playing D&D 5E on Monday, running Halberds & Helmets on Wednesday.
(JH is a simple 2d6 system. H&H is a house ruled B/X D&D.)

Some words about stress in Diaspora Anabasis and how it's actually stressful and I totally did not expect that.

Regarding characters contributing to something larger than them as discussed in @Judd’s podcast, the one such project I remember was the party building a castle. They were level one in a B/X game and got XP for gold – so building the castle meant getting gold and spending it on the building, on guards, it meant delving for gold and beating back orcs, it was cool. 75,000 gold is a lot of money when you’re starting at 1st level.

I love it when players contact me via chat and start setting up the next session. πŸ˜„

β€œTo live by your Coppers is not fixed by accumulating more Coppers; if you want to live like a king some day, well, you’d better take more risks, explore deeper dungeons, accept the kind of job that you’ve been scared to try but will start earning you some silver. And so forth. To live with gold is not just to have more wealth, but to have a different kind of wealth and a different kind of social position.”

And here's some speaky about viruses as machines because they are. Fight me.

Strange how the mind works. Now that I have a document for Just Halberds I feel the urge to record a podcast episode. πŸ˜…

@Halfjack And yes, viruses are super cool. πŸ˜ƒ "We are under attack by a hegemonic self-replicating swarm."

@Halfjack I remember using POVray on a 286 back in the day! Everything took a day or two! Ahh, good times.

Β«I’ve discovered that when writing systems for 10-year-olds, you end up writing things that are good for adults too because things are a lot clearer and faster.Β»


Writing up the 2d6 rules with explanations as a PDF, in English, even though my players don’t care and nobody else needs it. I guess this kind of writing is my other hobby.

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