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As I'm scouring my blog for appropriate posts after recording an episode of my blogpost, these links are starting to turn into a "best of" collection on my blog. Weird!

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Another fantastic campaign finale: "Seeing that we had lost to the Lindworm in a fit of self-destructive pique, we first confronted Glaa (the crone, goddess of unwanted children, necromancy and caves) and she filled the vessel of Bav-Mordo with her essence. We then rushed the place of the Wanderers who’s leadership enforced the faith in the Ancestors … and in that great battle Glautonox fell." Wow!

Well, the podcast by Michael “Chicago Wiz” is still awesome. I’m at episode 12 of 17. Highly recommended.

“The default setting for Carcosa is full of xenophobia. I wanted a list of reasons why a group of adventures of various races might be adventuring together. I started writing one, but got stuck fairly quickly. So, I asked my friends to help out. The good entries below were all written by people other than myself. They call that Gygaxian Democracy.”

“Sorcerers may attempt to learn new sorcerous knowledge by devouring the brains of other sorcerers. This isn’t an ideal way to learn ritual magic, but sorcerers are often quite secretive about their sorcery, and reticent when it comes to sharing what they have learned. … Players who are not playing sorcerers … should just go ahead and roll on the I shouldn’t have ate that brain … table.”

“World of Carcosa is a playset for The Warren that is set in the doomed world of Carcosa. If you have been reading this blog you know it’s one of my favourite settings for D&D. I’m not sure what the Venn diagram is for people interested in Carcosa and people interested in a game about rabbits. Perhaps it’s very small. This is for my people!” – Ramanan is one of my favorite bloggers!

I want to like Carcosa, and I sort of wish I could run a campaign there. But perhaps that's simply my imagination on fire and fueled by reading too many of those old Planet Algol session reports. Have you ran it or played in it? What did you think?
Dominit is not impressed:
Planet Algol was the best. Check out the sidebar section "ALGOL ADVENTURES" here:

I also love that I decided after a few episodes of my podcast to create a new musical intro for every episode, a few seconds of bleeps and bloops. So now that I want to make a new episode, I need to make a little bit of music, first. 😃

«In the fifth century BC, the Greek historian Herodotus visited Egypt and wrote of unusual river boats on the Nile. … A “fabulously preserved” wreck in the waters around the sunken port city of Thonis-Heracleion has revealed just how accurate the historian was.»
(via Joseph Teller and Frederick Wilson II on Pluspora)

The dynamics of our D&D 5 campaign is interesting. In the three sessions I have played (a wizard of level 6–8) we have spent about half an hour on how to get somewhere, and then 3 hours or more of combat. However, between sessions people post on the WhatsApp group, fragments of their character‘s reactions to all this, vignettes, somebody posts a session report on the wiki, and thus the experience gains a quality outside of what happens at the gaming table.
German wiki:

I love how having a podcast that goes over my own documents makes me review those documents and edit them not for details but also for larger issues: does this point need to be made? Delete it. Did I mention the thing I've used many times in the past? Add it. Using the documents has ended up providing structure (I know what's next) and content (I know what I need to talk about), which allows me to focus and to keep it short and I like that.

Oh now, I've started to play Dwarf Fortress by following the instructions here:
They are actually digging into the ground and they are making beds and there are barracks! I am surprised any of this worked.

@Stargazer recommends “The Dungeon Master’s Handbook” where the host “talks about how to run con games, how to design and run a sandbox campaign, and many more highly interesting subjects.” Sounds like my kind of thing.

The most over the top campaign end I have ever read. I need to up the ante in my own games! “Instead we also got some of the most metal shit that's ever happened in the campaign, including a PC becoming a Titan-Scale monster and throwing a fucking Apocalypse Dragon at the Moon.
It was rad as hell!”

"Submit your entries for the 2019 One Page Dungeon Contest between now and May 1st."

I hadn’t heard the word “zini” before. In this case: “The physical zine is a single folded piece of A4, giving you an A5 cover, two A5 pages inside for the content spread, and an A5 backcover which includes the quick reference tables.” Sounds like a sort of One Page Dungeon + extra info to me. Apparently this kick starter contains quite a few of them, as each stretch goal added yet another one. This is for Beneath the Canals.
Heard about it here:

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