I keep forgetting about the DriveThruRPG blog: oneblogshelf.blogspot.com/
Even if you’re not publishing for money they sometimes have numbers and insights of interest to people interested in publishers, like me, haha.

@kensanata @gamehawk just found this interesting analysis of the series formula:


...no significant spoilers in the article, a few minor ones in the comments.

@kensanata I'm working my way through the Dumarest series, and it's astonishing how much of Traveller makes perfect sense when viewed through that lens. It really is the Dumarest RPG. And specifically, Dumarest aligns with the '77 ethos, where power is rarely projected beyond a single system.

I like how the differences in the Traveller rules of 1977 and 1981 lead to a different power balance between empire and pirates in systems and what one could infer from it for the economy of the implied setting. talestoastound.wordpress.com/2

My friend is running a . He's allowed spheres of power, which I have never really looked into. spheresofpower.wikidot.com/
I've decided that I am going to go with a gunslinger (clockstopper). So I can shoot guns real good and fuck with time while I'm doing it. I've run to the trusty face generator to find a nice gun-toting face and found someone with Clint Eastwood eyes. I desaturated it in Gimp and then made a of it with rolladvantage.com.

Tristan Tanner made an awesome random humanoid generator. It was made with the excellent point "that monsters should be local affairs for the most part...[&] in a sandbox game it is almost essential to give each area its own feel."
Protip: use d% but with d6 for the table.
He also has cool examples, like the Forest Dwellers, "7 foot tall humanoids" who "worship a hag, who they see as a god. When the hag wishes, [they] leave their woods and wreak havoc at her behest."

I’m walking through Vienna and I’ve seen a shop for Collectible Card Games, a shop for Role Playing Games, and a shop for board games within one or two hundred meters of our hotel.

Anyone have any recommendations for good people or groups to follow? Funny or insightful or creative people to flesh out my homepage with more than just bots.

Funny how listening to the Morrowind soundtrack makes me want to play the game again.

But imagine a dinner party where lots of the participants are fully intense. You want to leave. It's not possible to have conversation.

Cavegirl on why she likes the
This ... is what I love about the whole OSR movement. Nobody owns it. Nobody has authority over it. It's a shared communal space that exists either through a weird quirk of a licensing agreement around D&D or else in a sort of rejection of the big company's claim that they get to decide what D&D *is*.

Role-playing game studies 

Sometimes I am at a loss when thinking about where to take the campaign next and then I pick one of the books from my shelf, looking for inspiration and I’m struck by how useless the books I have are for the problems I have. People and shops and gangs and councils don’t make an adventure. If only I knew what makes text magical adventure inspirational material. Perhaps it’s me, not the text? Do I have to be in the right mood and surrounded by the right things for this to work? Gaaah!

There are still so many things wrong: the symbols overlap the coordinates and the labels; the lines intersect the labels, so basically everything is terrible and unreadable at a second glance. But it will have to do for the moment. Perhaps if square Traveller maps make a breakthrough one day! 🤪

Wow, transparent background is awkward on a dark themed Mastodon UI! 😅

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