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I might have to read the entire blog. „Illusionism is a method of setting building or adventure design that raises the question of player choice or agency. It’s the practice of Game Masters or designers of changing encounters or events in game that will follow a specific path or create a specific scenario. The term itself is sometimes used pejoratively - but like most other things in a hobby or fandom that get people angry it’s a nuanced issue with multiple perspectives.“

“Yes, it’s an opportunity for Wizards to make yet more money, but so is everything they do – until the revolution and the socialist TTRPG republic gets formed, selling rules, books, and bumf is what makes the industry exist and bring new shiny product to us.”

This where D&D and my interest in the Revolutions podcast intersect. 🏴

@Judd talked about character backstory in his latest podcast episode and said anything between "pumas are cool" and long expositions are fine. In this blog post I show how I arrive at my character backstories…
(in the blog post, Peter is @phf )

From a non-boostable post:
"Mipui is an open source web app that enables you to create grid-based maps for role-playing games, and it works great for virtual and physical tabletops alike."

It's also free software, and a Node.js application, in case you think about self-hosting.

🎵 I've got the map, I've got me dice; I've got the day off and that's nice! 🎵

Ah, no worries. Got 14min and more of material. This will be a regular sized episode. 😅

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Sometimes the self-imposed constraints are hard. New podcast episode to record, on crocodiles. I feel like I can talk about crocodiles for a minute. Oh well. Those are the rules. It has to be crocodiles. ✨ "Concept podcast"! ✨

Some of the wording around factions remind me of Blades in the Dark. Interesting. 😄

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@linkskywalker’s precursor blog post: “Bosses are too busy with important affairs to bother with dungeon crawling. They send underlings to handle that sort of thing for them. The player of a new boss should roll up a new 1st level character to serve as their Boss character’s underling. The player is now their own questgiver.”
I’ve been struggling with domain play myself and the best I have at the moment is building public infrastructure. 😄

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A lot of procedures to run the game, by @linkskywalker
« The Domain Phase represents one month of game time, and is played through in its entirety each session. With a fair degree of consistency, it takes between 40 and 60 minutes to get through the whole thing. I’m fairly strict about ending sessions 3 hours after start time, so the Domain Phase represents roughly one third of an evening of play. »
Also, good links at the end!

I also hope I can keep up my RPG engagement once my summer break ends (only this week to go). 😨

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I'm taking on a referee position in a shared German speaking Greyhawk campaign using AD&D 1st ed rules, or rather, using our ALRIK translation project. We all run region within the Wild Coast, and my region specifically will be Elredd. I am excited!

Seriously, I call BS on everyone publishing "adventures" in print or PDF only. If the last half year has taught me anything it's that EVERY "adventure" that intends to actually get played should also come as a plain text file (with maybe a minimal Markdown flavor). Because that's the simplest "portable" format for referees to track the evolution of a place as it gets overrun and changed by generations of adventurers. As @kensanata says, scribbling into a hardcopy simply does not scale!

Back from holidays: games lined up for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wow!!

Spontaneous D&D game with three folks, two of which almost never play in "my" dungeon. Because they had "fresh" eyes they IMMEDIATELY picked up on the clue that the "regular" players have ignored for the 4 sessions now. They got "Treebane" a +1, +2 vs plants battle axe, ancient armor worth 800 gp, and they found the mummified "Melvin the Magnificient, Legendary Illusionist, Tula City of Mages" and his (cursed!) spellbook worth 1000 gp. A good Barrowmaze session all around. 😃

Weird, I installed the Discord app on the iPhone and didn't see an option to prevent it from using Mobile Data.

“… there are plenty of people on the internet who deign to call RPGs overpriced. This is in spite of the fact that most indie RPGs cost $30 or less while D&D Monopoly, a monstrosity of branding that should pay me for having to know it exists, costs about $50.” 😂

@DanMaruschak I wrote a related article debunking the whole AI stealing money from artists stuff from the perspective of someone who owes their childhood to the visual arts, and used to make their living as a freelance graphic designer.

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