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Das Schwarze Auge or The Dark Eye is what D&D could have been, if they had concentrated on one brilliant setting and kept the complexity of older editions. This game is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

It feels like a combination of 2d20 and Pathfinder, which is complex, but still intuitive once you’ve grasped the basic concepts. Its biggest feature is the setting, however. It’s an ever expanding world, which constantly evolves with time. The world ages in line with ours, so young NPCs will become adults in the future.

They even have an English translation, for those unwilling to learn German

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Ever imagine what a magic scroll in a actually looks like? Here's a 18th century Ethopian scroll called a ketab.

It's essentially a protection from evil/dispel magic scroll

@host Sometimes I find a toot on another account of mine that is RPG related and I’d like to copy the URL into the search box here in order to pull that toot into the local database and boost it – but searching toots by URL aus disabled in this instance, apparently. What’s the reason for this decision? Before I start wondering whether we could enable it I’d like to understand the context for the decision. I assume it’s some sort of abuse vector?

Hello, my name's Peter, I'm Polish but I live in Vancouver, BC now.

New to Mastodon, not new to gaming.

Started playing with WFRP 1ed back in 1998, quickly moved on to homebrew worlds. Loved Call of Cthulhu since the 5th edition. After a 10 year hiatus I got back to the hobby with OSRs, FATE (Mindjammer), and curiosity about D&D 5E, Numenera and Runequest.
Writing my crazy OSR inspired thing.
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If you visit and page through the document, you should see plenty of bullet lists of people. My goal is to have such lists for all sorts of organisations (starports, governments, companies) mentioned in the descriptions. Also notice how I moved most of the ships to the appendix.

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The joy of a charismatic dictatorship based on programmers.

;programmer job
1,chief [economic|information] officer
1,programming director
1,head [of programming|bureaucrat|of administration|of testing]
1,[logistics|project|team|network|test] manager
1,[computing|programming|procedural] clerk
1,[system|software|network|test] engineer
1,[software|information|solution] architect

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A lovely report of a first family game. "I ran a session with two young kids, 6 and 8 years old and their mother." Love it, @jmettraux!

Based on my thoughts on what kind of Classic Traveller prep worked best for me, I'm just adding names and job titles for some situations.

@kensanata I've many thoughts about this issue, unordered but already starting to ruminate ...

Che Webster had an episode about finite vs. infinite games:

I think this provides an interesting perspective on the subject ...

Thinking about Replays after listening to the two episodes of the Diceology podcast where MadJay Zero talks with Andy Kitkowski. Perhaps this is a good format for teaching how to play a system. Not a reference manual, but like an actual play in text.

Hello there!
I'm Gorsh, long time RPG player, somewhat newer boardgame player, and new to mastodon; trying to quit Fb for good but keep some RPG talk spaces that have nice communities.
I mostly play non-D&D stuff, and my sweet spot is somewhere where indie games and crunchy sim collide; if such a thing exists. But I also enjoy at least as food-for-thought any game design that pushes the envelope of what RPGs are about.
As for me; I go by he/him, and I'm a spanish speaker first.

I finally wrote a very long blog post about learning to play role-playing games from modules, and what I don't like about it. I'm interested in hearing how other people play D&D-like games without modules.

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Started drawing characters in our DnD campaign:
This is Rugnush, a young baker and wizard halforc

Just say no to that, look the other way, and move on, if the inanity you're seeing online is a problem. That's how I handle the hobby, I guess. Here, like everywhere else in life, I have to focus on the good stuff to make life bearable.

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"The root of my dissatisfaction comes from what I feel are the implicit acceptance of concepts that I abhor. It seems kind of silly, but I think that like many prevailing attitudes that are harmful to the development of our societies are so ingrained as to be invisible without a lot of introspection, games also have these harmful prevailing concepts or assumptions. … This hobby carries a lot of baggage …"

Any other indie devs here? I would love to get some "networkign" done on this platform as well.

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