Now here's a web app of mine that could use a little redesign: Gridmapper!
The entire inability to save, the mess that greets you when you want to load a map... All of this is terrible!

I'm always confused by this instance's web interface, when I use it (I mostly use other clients). The first thing I notice is that I need to press the 🏠 (Home) button to see the feed I care about. Funny how the mind works. My eyes keep straying to the mid-left monitor...

Also reminds me of @kensanata s take on the old question "When can you knock out and tie up Conan?" -- "after you've brought him to zero hitpoints".

@thorgrit My problem with Killer Bunnies was that after two or three rounds, it was still boring, so I ended up giving it all away.

Hi guys. I'm Enigma, a lupine planeswalking telepathy who travels the multiverse solving mysteries.

In real life, I work system administration, and a lifelong gamer in all of its forms. I've gotten in and love MTG for the past few years.

Calling on all #RPG people: if you have an account that posts about role-playing games regularly, and you want to be on a list of accounts we could recommend to Mastodon newbies, reply to this post and say "I do" or something similarly obvious. πŸ˜€ πŸ‘
I will add your account to this list:
For more information, see the project's home page:

Just a reminder. I set up a discord server for discussing #Fudgerpg and its derivatives. Its more specifically linked to my #Fudge #Podcast, but its open to any fans of the system. #games #RPG

@hardcorenarrativist That's a bit vague. "ok, I guess" because you were all trying to figure it out, or because the adventure wasn't interesting, or something about the system? You already know that I don't like FATE with its points, but I'm interested in Fudge derivates all the same so I'd love to hear more. :)

I’m still using my Dice Camp account and can’t really decide between the two. I guess Tabletop Social is sort of my backup? I read both timelines and will reply from this account but I think new posts might be more likely on Dice Camp, for now. See @kensanata.

@zephasaurus_hex Yeah, same here. In my "introduction to new players" I say what the focus of the campaign is going to be (megadungeon, pirates, whatever) and tell them to make a character that's motivated to come along. If their character wouldn't do it, that's fine. Make a new one and rejoin the game...

If anybody wants to explore a MUD with me, I started a new character after many years of not playing:

@thorgrit Ugh, I hate that. One of the reasons I feel like no longer running in a published setting.

@host I just tried to expire some toots using my tool and that required me to authenticate again in order to get write permission, but I ran into an error: 'Mastodon API returned error', 401, 'Unauthorized', 'invalid_client'. Any ideas about client whitelists, blacklists, or anything like that? Apparently I have authenticated for the read scope, after all, and that continues to work...

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