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Jitsi sounds great!

As for dice rolling, we could all join a dice room on rolz, β€œspecial chat rooms designed to facilitate pen&paper roleplaying online, in groups - here you can have joined sessions with other players.”

Cyberpunk A.W. – B.R.E.A.M. Barter Rules Everything Around Me

Writing out an #apocalypseworld play example in which a player has enough jingle to purchase an aircraft carrier was more than than I thought it'd be.

#cyberpunk #usedaircraftcarriers

RT's appreciated. Players and GMs wanted for IGXCON 2020, July 11-12. Join us for great online indie RPGs. #igx2020 #indiegames

A nice discussion of XP for Gold. I really liked the part about greed and plunder: "… the worry is that this rule … invites us to … casually treating something bad as if it were good to do … insulting … the people who actually suffered these things (exploitation and colonization) and would appear to endorse, even if only in imaginative play, the thought that what they underwent was not really an injustice, or one not worth taking seriously."

"Mapped" and other tunnel and trolls solo. To many dead characters for me πŸ™‚

#t&t #tunnelsAndTrolls #soloAdventure

I mean, both aspects are interesting, and there are many other facets besides that I find interesting. But my actual game at the table doesn't really care about AD&D. Except for the AD&D Monster Manual II, perhaps. Demons and Modrons, those were cool ideas. πŸ˜„

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And lest you think I'm here for the Gary bashing, I'm definitely not interested that. I don't think Lich van Winkle is, either. Just look at that post where he talks about meeting Gary Gygax himself. I think that the "old school" is different things to different people. For me, it's that "alternate future", to explore what we could have played, had D&D not gone the way it did. To others, it's the hermeneutics of figuring out what Gygax really said and how to apply it…

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I think if you're looking for a simple D&D like experience you should probably pick something small. Even OSE or all of B/X D&D is too weird. If you speak German I'd suggest Dungeon Slayers. The name is terrible, but the game is good. πŸ˜„

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All of this makes me think back to that year when I was 15 or 16 and we switched from "Das Schwarze Auge" to AD&D 1st ed. and then to AD&D 2nd ed. We felt that this was the superior rules! It had to be! And yet, there was always more to discover (positive spin), or enough rules to feel forever inadequate (truth be told). What a terrible introduction into the hobby. Still not very different from today.

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Hah, my favourite grognard is posting again. Read if you're in the mood for grouchy! πŸ˜„ Β«Moore felt outraged when Mentzer revealed that even Gygax did not play by the rules as written, but he justified it by alleging, in effect, that Gygax was a being of superior creativity. Moore was calling out hypocrisy. For me, it is especially interesting as a testimony to the fact that probably most people still did not play D&D by the book, whatever TSR mandated, even in 1982.Β»

I updated the page where I list all the campaigns I ran or played in. For some context: during the crazy years, I played about 13 times per month. Now? Maybe twice per month.

The problem with 504 is the massive investment in rules reading and setup. 😫

I also told that I was feeling uninspired, that I had no further plans for the campaign (I have been thinking about ending it a few times now) and was surprised by the players all saying they liked it, listing unexplored corners and roads not taken, suggesting a summer break, one of them volunteering to run a campaign (German gothic steampunk skill based) for a bit and another for offering to set up a board-game-via-video-conferencing. Feeling better already. πŸ˜…

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I love old-school D&D's use of the term "Magic User." It's such a diminutive way to describe a magician. They're not in the same league as a Wizard or a Sorcerer. They're barely playing the same game.

It leaves room for Wizards to be a sort of dragon. Beasts of terrible power and inscrutable desires.


Much of my interest in roleplaying is driven by the medium's great potential to be a liberation from consumption-driven entertainment. Yes, I mean that in the most humanist "smash-capitalism" way. Role-playing can empower any individual to exalt their own creativity, entirely free of the profit-driven infrastructures required for products like commercial music, cinema and fiction. All it takes is people talking together to build meaningful stories without need of propritery tools.

S&W Setting/Adventure Selection Woes 

Whenever I work on preparing an OSR campaign I refer to this post

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Big boss fight – the end of the big campaign arc, after nearly sixty sessions, with the Kraken avatar rising from the sea and approaching the city – ended in the first round with a failed save vs petrification as I rolled a 1. Oh wow. πŸ™ˆ

Is it time for an updating of the seven sins? Like, who thinks it's pride or gluttony behind the evils of our world? What do you think:


I've been happily trawling the Flickr Commons for game illustrations. Every now and again I'll start a off-the-cuff search, follow some secondary links and after an hour or two I've got some nice evocative and skillfully rendered images to work with.

But ... its Hell on representation goals. Working with late 18th and early 19th century material, its hard to get images of proactive women, non-cringey depictions of Asians or any image of an African that doesn't look like a hate-crime.

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