Working on spellbooks… today I finished the Book of Weaving (spider magic and the likes). Very traditional stuff for the OSR, to be honest.

OMG so so so so much truth.

How Information Overload Robs Us of Our Creativity: What the Scientific Research Shows ...

Do you allot time for pre session "chat time" in your games? My weekly Burning Wheel campaign is usually 2 hours dinner/chat and 4 hours actual play.

"Diegetic & Non-diegetic as terms for RPGs. Now go forth and use them in conversation, it will make you sound clever and help explain your thoughts better."
«… consider a football game in which a character has the One-Handed Catch ability: Once per game they can make an amazing one-handed catch … No player, after making an amazing one-handed catch, thinks to themselves, “Wow! I won’t be able to do that again until the next game!”»

“I've decided to put all of the Lulu print versions of the Advanced Adventures line on sale for 25% off at Lulu for the whole month. So now's the time to grab 'em, folks! Here's just a smattering of covers - there are now 43 in the entire line of 1e/OSRIC goodness! Discount Code: ONEFIVE gives you 15% more off.”

I’m still fascinated that publishing for 1e/OSRIC still is a thing.

Just found an old blog post of mine on how I handle skills in my games.
«I ask the player: do you think your character would know this? Is this something they have done in the past? If so, auto success and write it on you character sheet. So if a player says they know the weather because they grew up as fishers, fine. But next time I ask about finding water in a desert, it is more difficult to explain.»

"… what I am looking for in third-party artefacts I put on my game table is … This artefact is of comparable value to the home-made artefacts that are on the table with it. It’s not better or more important than them. (Even if it is better, and indeed that’s why I brought it to said table, I don’t want that to be obvious. I want it to snuggle in with the rest and to work its magic subtly.)"

I’m reading the Troika! rules for the first time and enjoying the initiative system: tokens for each participant go into the pot, plus an “end of the turn” token. Thus, turns are cut short. Interesting.

Now that I've disabled the "advanced" mode (i.e. I'm using Mastodon with the single column layout), I always have 15 unread notifications when I load the site. This glitch-soc fork is not my favourite thing about

On the one hand, I'm as fascinated as @lskh by all the 2d6 mechanics surrounding me, from Traveller to Powered by the Apocalypse rules, and like a siren it's calling me. And when I look at Dave Arneson's table in Secrets of Blackmoor and see his friends and his daughter still playing, and also using just 2d6… And so:
Ahhh... and yet here I am, writing spells and spellbooks. 😆​

all this #blackmoor and #traveller chatting got me pondering 2d6 mechanics ...

Isn't this actually *the original* rpg dice mechanic? rather than the d20?

And quite a few systems do use it: #chainmail to begin with, obviously #blackmoor, most incarnations of #traveller, #pbta, #maze rats ...

from the very first to the latest hype ;-)

When writing spells, two functions come in handy: "have I used this word before?" and "look this word up in a dictionary."

"They're the post-apoc story of Chandi Choudary, a 16 year old member of the Church of Parkour. Chandi's lived a relatively sheltered life beneath the shattered moon, but all of that changes when a meteorite falls from the sky and into her possession."

I like the "Church of Parkour" bit!

“Dungeons & Deceptions: The First D&D Players Push Back On The Legend Of Gary Gygax;”

We have an obsession with crediting one person as the genius, when reality is that most products are a social collaboration. And some things, well the stories become a blur and lost to time

Bryce Lynch has a review site and he’s brutally honest and very peculiar in what he likes and what he doesn’t like. I happen to agree with it but it’s hard to extract it all from the reviews. Luckily, somebody else has:
The review site:

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