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Something to keep in mind:

In an 18 room dungeon, these fractions come out as nice even numbers, and it’s also a good scale for a mid-sized dungeon or level of a larger dungeon. This gives us the following lineup of rooms.
3x monster with treasure
3x monster
1x trap with treasure
2x trap
3x special
1x hidden treasure
5x empty

I just added entries from 2021 to my selection of One Page Dungeon Contest dungeons. I only selected four dungeons from 2021, none of which won any kind of award from the competition itself.

Seems like the perception is that Mastodon is an inferior platform for creatives because it's less powerful as a promotional tool. But that risks reducing creative work to its commercial function. In many ways, Mastodon is better for discussing creative work.

La carte de l'Isthme des Brumes est terminée, merci à tous ceux qui ont participé à la #Fedimocracy ! 🥳

Voilà une région qui donne envie de partir à l'aventure ! Quel hexagone vous fait le plus rêver ?

Pour ceux qui ont envie de s'y essayer, je vous met une version imprimable en grand à disposition sur mon site au plus vite.

#jdr #ttrpg #carte

21/25, plus que 4 hexagones à remplir !

Même si vous en avez déjà proposé un, hésitez pas à en ajouter un autre pour finir. Pensez bien à le lier au reste ;-).

Tout le monde peut participer à ce cadre de jeu collaboratif, les règles sont par ici :

#fedimocracy #jdr #carte

I love it when new cartographers show up on Gridmapper. Pedro Gabriel Sena Cardoso Is one of them, with lots of Portuguese stuff.
Filtering by username:

This is, of course, related to tone and genre. While not explicitly stated is not controversial to say that 5e's tone is very "heroic" the PCs are not assumed to be the underdogs, so they enter guns blazing and don't get really tired, they are Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. So it makes sense they move at superhuman speed

While in OSE, any false movement might kill them, they are Bruce Willis is Die Hard. Crawling trough this space is gonna take a while

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A casual friend of mine, one of the cashiers at the neighborhood grocery, told me about getting hassled by a cop this morning. He asked her if she'd seen the accident on her street, she said "oh, I heard a noise, I didn't know what it was. No, I didn't see it." He accused her of lying ("why on earth would I lie about that?" she said to me), then of being uncooperative, then of getting aggressive. He backed off when his partner showed up.

Stay safe, friends!

“Few people like officially-published D&D. There is a D&D which we learn about from cultural depictions of D&D and which we mostly learn to play from other people. Few people learn D&D from a book, even if you’re in a group of people all playing for the first time.”

compiled end of week links 72 "there are lots of folk in the hobby that have seen adventure shaped things but the teaching of how's and why's fell away somewhere"

DeepL for the win when collaborating in other languages. 😆
Don't tell my mom, because she's a French teacher.

Salut les rôlistes du Fédiverse, ça vous dit de créer à la cool un petit cadre de jeu collaborativement en #Fedimocracy pour terminer la semaine ?

Les règles sont simples : vous répondez à ce fil avec une description en max 250 signes d'un des hexagones encore vierges. La description doit faire référence à un autre hexagone déjà décrit. Vous accompagnez votre message d'une image du domaine public. Pas de double post.

Puis j'ajoute ça à la carte jusqu'à ce qu'elle soit pleine !

#jdr #carte

I am going to try and win in's Traveller 5 campaign tonight or die trying! It's the end of the first season for this campaign and we're deep inside Twilight's Peak, if I understand this correctly. No spoilers! The adventure is from 1980 but the challenge is real. 😆

I was wondering about the idea of a GM sheet.

So, other players have character sheets, that often serve as a source of inspiration and options: in some games, when you're not sure, you can look at your character sheet to find some idea on how to proceed.

Could you have such a thing for the GM? A single page that gives inspiration and ideas, possibly for a specific adventure? With enough structure to guide the GM?

Agon's island page is a bit like that, are there others?

“Easy-Con, the (role-play) convention management system. At a convention, there might be a number of (roly-play) games, board games, workshops or other events - often organized by the attendees of the convention.”

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