I'll just throw together all of my fav D&D houserules.

Might as well put them together in a doc.

Might as well change a few things that vex me.

Resource die, only levels 1-3, no initiative, new spells...

Chargen could use a ...

Fuck, I'm writing a game.

#ttrpg #DungeonsandDragons #dnd

Blog post by Emmy Allen: Why I love the OSR. cavegirlgames.blogspot.com/201
I reflects my own ideas. The problem is that outside the OSR, everything is so damn encumbered with IP, it makes everything extra hard.

The DM just added a NPC related to my character to the wiki, describing her as a tall and slim middle aged redhead. I decided to use that picture I just drew and add some red.

Once again I'd like to invite everyone to use the tag #diceblog to help aggregate gaming blogs through this service! Let's cohere!

Gotta work on those foreheads! Again, I started with a random face from the face generator. Something about the jaws and cheeks isn’t right, too. Maybe I should use fotos instead of my own face generator, haha.

What madness did I just read in this ? Naked people, demons, violence, temptation, hell, gore, and some adventurers in a dungeon!

Rounder head, bigger eyes... being able to just keep working on images is the best part about working electronically.

A few days ago I used my face generator to generate a face for my character. Today I decided – as the lack of ideas usually prevents me from ever starting anything – to just redraw it. So many things turned out differently. Perhaps doing this would be good practice. 🤔


I read The Republic about twenty years ago and I did not remember the story of the ring: shepherd find magic ring, which turns the wearer invisible if turned, which he uses to seduce the queen and kill the king.

Listening to episodes of In Our Time about Dante and Plato thinking absolut Planescape. The rule of three appearing in The Republic. The details of Mount Olympus. Planescape is like „Philosophy: The Mashing”!

Started writing the wiki page for my new character and it’s amazing how quickly I start liking these imaginary people.

How weird would it be for me to play a character using D&D 5E Basic rules in a regular 5E game? I’m an Old School kind of D&D player and my friend is running a regular 5E campaign. Simpler is better, for me, at least to get started. I think I’m going to get a character with about 20,000xp because that’s what they all have.

@host Sadly, the tabletop.social stream is closing every two minutes, which forces my Mastodon client to reconnect... some changes on your side?

A free 180+ page PDF about Star Wars, including a solo adventure with over 200 items (!).
(I’m afraid of linking to the PDF directly as the collected Mastodon instances might try to download it all at once.)
Found this via the The OSR News by Dreams of Mythic Fantasy.
Which I visited because I saw it on the OSR Planet. Add your own blog, if you are so inclined.

Hah, found another one: alexschroeder.ch/wiki/2016-09- is where I mention four ways to prevent sandbox failure modes. They work for me. Perhaps they'll help somebody improve their sandbox, who knows.

On the Indie Planet, I saw a link to post talking about sandboxes. It linked to another post talking about sandboxes. As all my games are essentially sandboxes, I’m adding a link to an index of some good sandbox posts of mine. There’s probably more if you follow the link to all the tagged posts… anyway, if you want to talk about I’m here!

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