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HP Lovecraft 

Apparently today is HP's birthday, so what better day to get outside of your comfort zone and interact with people who aren't like you so you don't feel compelled to write a whole bunch of racist, xenophobic works literally demonizing marginalized people to justify your own personal paranoia

Job titles I've held over the years:
"Sword Salesman"
"Circus Teamster"
"Game Board Piece"

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Have any of you guys ever started working on a new campaign before you’ve finished the one you’re currently running? Because I’m doing that right now with Numenera. I’ve had a plan for a campaign using the new Destiny rules and I started working on the setting yesterday.

Man, I miss my little Narrative Clip 2. There's no real alternatives that do the same thing. I own a FrontRow, and it's nice, but I don't want a video of my day, I want a billion camera shots to sift through so I can pick the gems.

Being up on the 29th floor of a Manhattan high-rise when a thunderstorm hits is kind of terrifying. The lightning is right outside my window. The growl and crash of thunder is longer, more detailed- crackles of sound like the sky tearing open before the BOOM hits.

Shameful admission: after over a decade of Android-only phones, part of me is seriously considering doing an iOS switch. Depends on whether the new iPhone X in a month or two wows me.

So anyway today my dealer took me to Starbucks and bought me some coffee to make up for not having any change on him when I went to buy some oil. Which seems a pretty good way to end the week.

Oh hello last 30 minutes of my workday. Are you here to just drag on and on and feel like it's been hours when it's only been minutes? Great, great. Sigh.

Although, that all said, I'm quietly saving money to purchase a several thousand dollar handmade specialty tabletop gaming table, so maybe it's not so much that I'm nerding out less and more that I'm quietly morphing into a higher level of deep nerd?

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I dunno. Probably just random melancholy as I count down to my birthday. Still, I can't help but think the me of 10-15 years ago would be disappointed I'm not at least wearing a Doctor Who tie or something.

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And it's not necessarily that I would even want to go back to that!

I mean, my wallet certainly appreciates my lack of interest in spending money on figurines and collectible mugs.

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And it's not that I'm less of a nerd, not really, but that white-hot nerd passion is just kinda not there. It's turned into this sort of quiet stealth-nerd now. A slow burn of geeky interests without the geeksplosiveness of before.

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And now I'm fortunate enough to be making good money and I *could* buy so much nerd shit. Just... *so* much. But I browse the site (and other geeky-stuff sites), and they just leave me... cold.

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Because I remember 10-15 years ago, broke af, browsing the site and nerding the fuck out over every little toy or gizmo or collectible and thinking to myself 'man, someday when I make more money I'm gonna buy *so* much nerd shit here!'

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As my birthday is only a week away, I've gotten a little nostalgic. Browsing the ThinkGeek site casually and overwhelmed with a feeling of 'meh, that's cool I guess, but I wouldn't really spend money on it'. And it made me slightly sad.

My friend just discovered she's been inadvertently cosplaying a Steven Universe character and it's totally made my day.

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Tried out Masks A New Generation yesterday, and for how weird it was to wrap my head around pbta, I think it went really well, I had a lot of fun running the game. :d6::d6:

12 minutes left in my workday and I still have 20 things left in my to-do list. I've decided that instead of stressing out about them, they're just going to become tomorrow-me's problem.

So I guess this works better going from Twitter to Mastodon, since I can control whether replies, RT's, etc. show up over there. It'll have to do for now.

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