im in the tabletop thingy but is it acceptable to post like random art of mine and talk about dumb shit ?

@katekat About 90% of my posts are just about how gay I am and nothing to do with D&D, so you should be fine. 😛​

@katekat So, the concept behind Mastodon is that it's like being in a neighborhood. You shout a message, and all the people who like you and follow you receive it, but you have a bunch of neighbors too that can be walking by and chime in without knowing you personally.

Each neighborhood has different rules, but for the most part, you don't have to just speak about tabletop in the tabletop hood, you just know you have neighbors who share some interests so you have a place to start!

@katekat Welcome to the table!

I'll refer you to @host for any question, but the answer is generally yes, you can, provided you behave as a nice person :)

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