In launching a recruitment thread for a newbies-only game, it's remarkable how many folks tried it once a long time ago but haven't played since.

When you further consider how many of those people are not white men, I can't help think this speaks to some issues within the community.

@jskellogg @DialMforMara

Even with white dudes, one bad DM can drive them away. I've got a pretty good record for introducing people to the game (I want to say I'm at six or seven?), as honestly they are some of the best players as they haven't picked up cynicism, metagaming or bad habits yet.

Yet I still meet people who had one bad experience and won't try it again.

@jskellogg @DialMforMara I had a friend, Jeff. He said he played it once, was enjoying it, then his character was killed and he felt like he wasted his whole evening so won't try it again.

We really need some best practice guidelines for introducing new people to the hobby.

0) Don't be creepy at the women or female characters
1) Don't kill the newbies their first time through
2) Don't flood them with rules, just get them to tell you what they want to do and then how to do that.

@jskellogg @DialMforMara

3) Don't start with weird narrative mechanics games. Tried that once, the two newbies froze up and didn't do much all session. Games with a set world and one character work better for new players.

@jskellogg @DialMforMara (answering Mara's offline question)

I was trying to use The Pool RPG by James V West:

with the Anti-pool variant that fixes the main mechanic:

Basically on a successful roll you get to narrate the scene. The experienced people adapted fine, but the new people had trouble adapting to essentially taking over DMing for a little bit.

@Canageek @jskellogg wow, yeah, that sounds like too much responsibility for a new player

@jskellogg Not sure how I feel about the "white men" comment, but I'll give this a boost! Always down for bringing new DnD players into the fold!

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