If you're in the US:

Don't just wake up on Tuesday and decide whether to go vote. Make PLANS to vote. Some folks' lives depend on it.

Make it a priority. As much as is possible, plan the other aspects of your life AROUND the fact that you're gonna go vote. Make it a given.

@jskellogg Out of curiosity, is that how things happen in the US?

I feel it's quite different in France. I know that I'm probably not typical, but I'm always:
"Ok, next week is Election Day, what time am I going to vote and do I need to plan ahead in case I'm called upon to volunteer at the voting booth during the evening?"

US pol 

Tons of people don't vote.

Some just plain don't bother. Some are purposely kept in situations where it's risky or dangerous to take the time to go through excessive registration and voting procedures. Some think there's a certain enlightenment to "not being political" which then translates to never voting for anyone but the president.

As a result, we now face what could be our last shot at a future of free and fair elections.

re: US pol 

@jskellogg In that case, yes, by all means, try and get people to vote!


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