Should I invest in commissioning original art for content I publish on the DM's Guild?

I mean, I'm coming up on a year of publications using the art made available by WotC, and I've earned a grand total of about $25. Would original art improve perception and earn more? Or would I just end up in the hole?

Thoughts, anyone?

I don't have contact info for customers. I do know that if I update a product, the system will notify everyone who's purchased it; but doing that to ask them questions seems like an abuse.

Have any ideas for how to implement your suggestion?

As far as I know, there's not way to tell who's bought my stuff. I just get a blind accumulation of earnings.

@jskellogg @Csalzman I just bought your stuff so I could give you feedback ;)

I think the Wizards art is fine. It's a familiar style, so it fits with existing materials and is familiar to users. Different art wouldn't make me more or less likely to buy future products unless it was REALLY GOOD.

I had actually forgotten about the DM's Guild and some of the content I bought there, so the reminder is appreciated.

@jskellogg @Csalzman I would avoid trying to do too much user tracking - unless you get a pretty high volume, I doubt it's going to be worth the effort. There's a ton of edge cases.

You might be better served by a focus group. You could also use a crowd-sourcing tool to get feedback on specific parts of your product if you want.

@jskellogg Also, I loved the stuff and left 5-star reviews. Especially excited to use the backgrounds and Mage Knight in my game. Plus my players are all Stranger Things fans and will get a kick out of the Zoomer.

@jskellogg They are! Reviews only come with a critical mass of engaged buyers, which only come with enough reviews, and so the circle turns :(

I'm not a marketing pro, but I think you're probably going about things the right way: engaging with people on platforms like this, to build a consistent audience. It's why I bought your stuff, and reviewed it.

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