Hey friends,

I'm gonna try to supplement my (non-existent) income with freelancing, so I've set up an account on UpWork to do work in both editing/proofreading and game design consulting.

If anybody from here needs help, I'd be happy to cut you a deal so I can get some successful contracts to show on the site.

Here's the link to my profile:

Boosts appreciated, thanks!

@jskellogg Color me interested. Roughly speaking, do you know how many pages one hour covers?

No, but we don't have to bill hourly. The site makes me list that on my profile, but then individual jobs can be billed differently.

Near as I can tell so far, the other option the site allows is a flat fee, which we could arrive at by getting a word count (for proofreading) or general idea of the document (for game design consulting).

What do you have in mind?

@jskellogg I'm currently writing a rulebook-ish about improv in role-playing games and storytelling. Current incomplete draft is 56 pages without layout or non-critical illustrations, I expect it to reach 80-100 pages before layout + non-critical illustrations.

I'm definitely in need of proofreading (not a native English speaker) and I need to think whether I need more than that.

Is this sufficient detail for you to reach an idea of price?

Proofreading is usually priced per word rather than per page, since page counts can vary due to illustrations, font size, page formatting, and so forth.

To just give you a frame of reference, if you had 90 pages at 700 words per page, that's 63,000 words. Thus, each penny per word is $630.00. How many pennies per word will depend on whether you just want spelling/grammar or more thorough "does this make sense?" editing, and so forth. Likely landing on 2-5 pennies per word.

Make sense?

@jskellogg Mmmh... 21,688 words for the moment, so $400-$1000. That's probably a tad expensive for me for a full book, but if need arises, I might call upon you for specific chapters :)

I know it seems like a lot; I've been on the customer side of this too (never good to edit your own work), so I get it. I'm happy to do smaller chunks if that's easier to budget. :)

Also, you could always try a Kickstarter. If it funds, that could cover editing costs (and art, and your own labor, etc).

Best of luck, and let me know when you're ready for some proofreading. :)

@jskellogg Thanks :)

I'm considering a Kickstarter for that book, but first, I want to finish my and see if people are interested :)

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