My Rodent Rangers Kickstarter is now live!

Want to be a squeak? Want to bask in 80s cartoon nostalgia? Want a non-violence-oriented game?

Check it out!


Remember to boost it and tell all your friends to boost it; visibility can make or break a campaign for small publishers like myself!


Do feel free to share the KS on our tabletop development forum area too - best of luck with it :)

@jskellogg Potentially rude question, and I feel sorry for asking, but... I don't really see anything that really sells me on the product itself.

What's it got over friends watching a chipmunk-oriented TV show and busting out Fate Accelerated? You list several inspirations, but what's better about backing this vs. playing a system I already know with inspiration from these same sources?

Sell me on the idea! Get me excited and interested!

Not rude at all! Honestly, Fate is so flexible that "Why not just play Fate?" is a valid question for ANY game. So let's answer it!

First, cooperation is built in at a level not seen in Fate. The "friendship die" lets you contribute a bigger die than you actually have for the skill in question, but only while cooperating. Thus, working together is almost always the best way to proceed, to a degree not really present in Fate.

Additionally, is a bit more lightweight than Fate. You don't have to add any bonuses (baseline or situational) to your rolls. You don't have to manage any meta-currency either.

This will not only be relevant to gamers who want a relaxing, easy system; but it will also help with the "family-friendly" aspect by being easy to walk younger players through it. (Having a predetermined skill list can help there too, vs writing your own aspects.)

Now, you sound like an experienced, hardcore gamer who likes Fate and already has the special dice it needs and so forth. So maybe this game isn't for you specifically; no game is for everyone.

But if you know people with young kids, or have friends intimidated by Fate, or have followers who like trying multiple games? Consider giving them the chance to check it out by sharing it with them.

And who knows? Maybe a success here means I get to make another game, just right for you. 🙂

@jskellogg Good answers, thanks! I'm actually intimidated by Fate, especially the creating Aspects part. I'm more of a D&D guy, but that lends itself to a specific kind of game, and I've been pressured to learn Fate and Savage Worlds to open things up.

I already passed the link along to a couple people I know in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers fandom, and with your persuasiveness backed it myself this morning.

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