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Hello! I'm Jacob and I publish tabletop games! I've got bestselling supplements, original work, and a WIP D&D campaign setting.

πŸŽ²β€‹D&D work:
πŸŒŽβ€‹Nexus setting:

Also I like people but I'm bad at initiating contact, so feel free to randomly @ me if you need something or want to chat or whatever.

Life is hard, but we've got each other. ❀️​

Got our starters, caught some new friends, made our first trek through the Wild Area, did some serious fashion shopping, registered for the Gym Challenge, and attended the opening ceremony.

Can't wait to play again!

(Future toots threaded to this one will be unlisted.)

My wife will be home in minutes! That means it's almost time to start our and play side by side, which we've never done with a current-gen pokemon game before.

Expect some rambling stories afterwards!

Everything's ready for , I just need to wait for my wife to get home from work, while I sit at home and try to be productive while knowing there's two new untapped pokemon games within arm's reach. πŸ™ƒβ€‹

Both games are downloaded, now it's just a night and a workday until my wife and I can embark on our !

Just... have to... wait........ πŸ™ƒβ€‹

Shield is done! My copy of Sword should be done sometime tonight.

In the meantime, I made this because I'm both a nerd and a sap.

Wife's copy of Shield is downloading. (Apparently you pre-download and it's just locked until launch day.)

In about 4 hours, I can start on my copy of Sword.


I had preordered from Target and sprung for extra shipping to make sure it would arrive on launch day tomorrow. We've been planning the inaugural Friday night beginning of our for weeks.

Today I got an email saying they were pushing back the delivery date by TWO WEEKS askfjaklfjdls

So I immediately cancelled that order. Gonna buy it digitally on the Nintendo eShop instead. Here's hoping downloads go smoothly. πŸ€žβ€‹

So here's a thing:

I haven't played a current-gen pokemon game in 20 years, and my wife never has. We agreed to save $ from side gigs to someday go on a fresh journey side-by-side.

Then one of my D&D classes went gold and long story short "someday" begins Friday night.

Pokemon adventure with my wife! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•β€‹

I plan to post relentlessly. Help me brainstorm a hashtag!

Current frontrunner is . What are your suggestions?

Birbsite, D&D, giveaway, dice 

Hello, there is no reason it should take "up to ten days" to process my unsubscribe request

I just got a Switch and my only game is Ring Fit Adventure.

I played for like 10 minutes (including control tutorials, etc) and I'm dying.

If you've ever felt like was too rules-heavy and combat-oriented for your fantasy roleplaying preferences, you might be interested in this:

It's a (free!) playtest packet, just a few pages, for a fantasy RPG that's much more flexible and open-ended than D&D is.

You can learn the game, make a character, and still have time for gameplay, all in a single sitting.

Check it out!


After a Kickstarter all the way back in May and months of development hiccups, I've finally launched the Deck of Many Names, a card-based solution for generating NPC details on the fly when players inevitably befriend a cardboard cutout!

It's faster and more inclusive than online random generators, and you can just tuck the card into your notes instead of writing stuff down.


Any artists on here who would trade a sketch for free copies of my publications?

My wife and I are going to play Pokemon Sword/Shield in parallel together and I'm so excited about our coming adventure that I kinda want a pic of the two of us as trainers.

But I'm broke and unemployed, so I can't just buy a commission, so maybe some kind of swap? Hit me up if that's a possibility.

I think I'm basically done with the first draft of a cool thing?

I just had the shortest job interview of my life.

Seems the interviewer was already satisfied with my credentials via my resume, and the interview was more like a screening to check for red flags and answer any questions I had. I was in and out in 10 minutes, and he seemed to like me.

Problem is, I'm not sure I want the job?

Sure wish the fact that I'm able to consistently put out bestselling supplements were considered sufficient justification for my continued existence.

But alas, I must instead find some other job, working to maximize some rich dude's profits. Only then will I be deemed life-worthy (but just barely).

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