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Personal announcement:

I've just done a major overhaul of my Patreon tiers, basically lowering "prices" and packing in more value. You can get custom content for just $1/month, and very nearly everything I make for just $3/month.

Full breakdown here:

Boosts are appreciated!

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Hello Tabletop Social!

My name is Jacob, and I'm a fledgling new game designer, currently focusing on stuff, including brand-new games and content.

You can find all my creations here:
(This will include things I release in the future, so bookmark it!)

You can also get new games, art previews, beta docs, and more by supporting my work on Patreon:

Finally, check my bio for alt accounts and more!

Brief interlude as she does some volunteering at the library, then we go home and bust out Pokemon Emerald on our phones and take on the Elite Four.

Went to the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center for lunch and a game of Mystic Vale. (I won.)

My further adventures in Hyrule. I'm experimenting with WriteFreely, a federated blog host. If you follow my blog's RSS feed, don't worry--I'm still posting there too for archival purposes.

This morning I woke up at my sister's house, on the land I grew up on. This land is in a small, rural town in Pennsylvania, the roots of Turn. Do you want to see how far the branches can reach? Check out Turn on Kickstarter & help us reach stretch goals!

My wife's got the day off from her new job, so we're gonna spend the day hanging out and being mildly irresponsible together.



Mute people if you don't want to see their posts.

Block people if you don't want THEM to see YOUR posts.

pls remember to do an eat and drink!
if you haven't in a while you'll feel better when you do!
*kronches a byte*

Hey kids! I decided to upgrade to Mojave a couple days ago.

The process erased the second internal drive where I archive all of my files.

I have a backup.

If you don’t have backups, GET BACKUPS.

Check out my first post, discussing how orcs can fit into a fantasy setting in a way that isn't terrible.


I went and set up a blog, called Find Familiar.

Here's a link:

Please let me know if I did anything dumb in the setup/layout or whatever.

I'm trying to come up with a name for a blog where I dump my mostly-but-not-always game-related thoughts.

Best I've come up with so far is "Synaptic Synopsis" but the most obvious blogspot domain for it is already taken.

Anybody have other ideas?


(That's the total downloads of my free Beginner's Guide for this month so far.)


Of the two classes I published this month, the Astrologer was published first but the Aethermage has taken the lead in sales. Perhaps because the Aethermage is so unique and original?

Which one do YOU like better?

Illustration I did a while ago for @jskellogg and the game Journey Away ✨

It was a fun challenge for me since as I'm not used to paint backgdrounds but I'm really happy with how it turned out


#mastoart #creativetoots #JourneyAway

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