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Hello! I'm Jacob and I publish tabletop games! I've got bestselling supplements, original work, and a WIP D&D campaign setting.

🎲​D&D work:
🌎​Nexus setting:

Also I like people but I'm bad at initiating contact, so feel free to randomly @ me if you need something or want to chat or whatever.

Life is hard, but we've got each other. ❤️​

D&D is a particular system (336 words) 

Person on birbsite: Are your games more focused on combat or roleplay?

Me: What do you mean by roleplay? Talking to NPCs?

Them: Whatever your game's focused on

Me: "Roleplay" means whatever my game focuses on?

Them: (facepalm emoji) no it's about what your game is about

Me: ...

So a lady I introduced to ~1yr ago is gonna try DMing for the first time by running a one-shot. She said it's basically Clue, and it opens with an invitation to a masquerade.

So I'm playing a fencing fop with a sword cane, using my own Slayer class (ninja subclass) with some relevant skills and no need for armor — I can fight in my ruffly shirt!

Now I just need to settle on a magic item. 🤔​

Anybody playing a one-shot in the next couple of weeks?

If so, would you be willing to include a handful of spells for the purpose of playtesting?

Breakfast is a taco sandwich because I am definitely An Adult.

You know those spells I posted a couple times?

They're part of a collection I'll be publishing soon, with ~90 spells total (hence the pricing poll the other day).

Want a sneak peek?

Patrons get to see about a third of the spells (as WIPs) right now:

I don't normally do selfies but I'll try it just this once.

Here's me after getting a haircut but forgetting to shave.

(Includes eye contact with the camera.)

What would you call a fair price for a PDF containing ~90 spells across 3 themes and all 9 spell levels?

What would you call a fair price for a PDF containing ~90 spells across 3 themes and all 9 spell levels?

Job hunting, sick wife, printing problems, and creative endeavors.

If you want to know where I'm at in life right now, this Patreon post is public so you can read up if you like.

DM asks a rules question:
"You're the DM, do whatever you want! It's your world, don't be restrained by what's written in a stupid book!"

DM ponders doing less racism in their setting:
"Well I mean that's just how races work, whatcha gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

Do the tops of your ears itch in the morning?

Designing new 9th-level spells is simultaneously fun and terrifying.

Hm, I really wanna do a Rest/Toxic combo but can't decide if it should be on Snorlax or Slowbro...

Okay, added Snorlax and named him Chonkdaddy. Also, changed slowpoke's name to The Brain (as in, "Pinky and the Brain").

Oooooh, this Snorlax has a brave nature. That's tempting...

Alright Slurfle, time to catch me the other Snorlax. Dunno if I'll use it, but you don't pass up limited-availability pokemon.

Socrates is almost caught up. Should I add a Snorlax to my party, or is two Normal-types too much?

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