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The time has come!

Ever had your players unexpectedly talk to a background NPC who didn't have a name, or even a gender or species, and you had to bullshit them on the fly?

No more!

Check out the Deck of Many Names on Kickstarter!

(Boosts appreciated!)

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Hello Tabletop Social!

My name is Jacob, and I'm a fledgling new game designer, currently focusing on stuff, including brand-new games and content.

You can find all my creations here:
(This will include things I release in the future, so bookmark it!)

You can also get new games, art previews, beta docs, and more by supporting my work on Patreon:

Finally, check my bio for alt accounts and more!

Working on a new Muldrotha, the Gravetide deck for casual Commander. Trying to keep the cost of new cards down, and right now I'm hovering at around $11. Sweet!

Unemployed week 9, selling my inventory at discount for gas money for job interviews. , anodized aluminum, and , byzantine weave 18 inch neck chain with Japanese 8 into 1 cascade. $45 including USA shipping to or$tarlimanjoppos Please Boost

There's something uniquely frustrating about having your area of expertise treated as a minor peripheral skill, as though it were at about the same level as "working knowledge of common office software".

Landlord: Go to the painters' website to schedule your door painting!

Me: *schedules for 1pm*

Painters: *confirms 1pm*

Me at noon: Cool, time for a quick shower and cooking before painting.

Me at 12:05: *is in shower*

Painters at 12:05: *knock on door, then leave*

Ever wanted a hunting-oriented class that isn't pretending to be a druid, like the ranger is?

Ever wanted to use poison and not feel like a fool?

Ever wanted to play a FUCKING NINJA?!

A mere $1/month gets you the first draft of the Stalker class:

URGENT: Money NEEDED for Laundry, HRT meds, Lyft, and my Phone Bill Show more

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.

I need a quick cultural check, but am unemployed and so broke I can't afford groceries, much less a diversity consultant. Can someone who knows something about Zulu culture please help me out so I can get a $1.99 PDF onto DTRPG and maybe pay a bill? All I need is to know if Zakhele Manqoba Khumalo is a plausible name for an 1880s era Zulu man, and the title Udokotela to indicate he's a doctor or biologist.

My wife just stabbed me in the gums with her thumbnail while trying to give me a hug.

So an irl friend and I are interested in starting an online (like through Discord?) DND campaign. Both of us have only played a few sessions of a campaign that won't be continued anytime soon (since my ex was the DM), and neither of us are comfortable DMing. Anyone have suggestions on how to get a good (friendly/compatible) party and DM together? (boosts are v welcome)

Every time I make a post that doesn't direct people to my Kickstarter, I feel guilty for "not working hard enough."

Every time I choose NOT to post something because it doesn't direct people to my Kickstarter, I feel guilty for being "inauthentic."

So basically, Kickstarter month is just uninterrupted guilt, no matter what I do.

So that's fun. How's everybody else's day going so far?

I feel sometimes like I am beset on all sides by bootlickers. Can some of you reply to this if you're still the same punk-ass "fuck the system" who doesn't equivocate and engage in apologetics for any kind of status quo and challenges bad frameworks instead of capitulating to them?

It's getting lonely out here, even on the Left sometimes.

we’re extremely poor and hungry and it’s our last night together before kev goes home to wales for a lil bit (i’m SAD) and it’d be nice to get a last meal in together. i’d appreciate all the help we can get 💕💕💕

I don't talk about my Patreon much, but I will today, because I've started working on a new class!

This post includes a WIP look at my first concept-dump of the new class. It'll be public in a week, but patrons get to check it out now, and offer feedback.

Check it out:

Giveaway, Birbsite Link Show more

Giveaway, Birbsite Link Show more

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