I'm a fortyish English teacher and tabletop roleplayer from Portugal.

I'm really into tRPGs and have been playing since the mid-90s.

I'm also a founding member of a local tRPG community called "Roleplayers de Lisboa".

In the past I've designed a bunch of minimalistic tRPGs based on World of Dungeons and for years I have been developing "Heróis Modernos", a super-hero comic book creating game.

Here's hoping we can interact and even play together in the future!

Hi! Nice to meet you. I came across your account when I was searching the Portugal hashtag. I'm not much into board games, but I am curious about Portugal. Do you have a general account on another instance that I could follow you on?


@Scott Hi, Scott. Unfortunately I only have tabletop-related instances. But if you any questions about Portugal ask away. :)

Thanks for your help! I'll try not to bother you too much.

We're a few years away from any possible move to Portugal. Right now I'm trying to understand the climate there. I'm trying to figure out what areas are green and lush all year round. Obviously the north. But how far south of Porto is still lush in the summer? And how far in from the coast?

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