Yesterday Grupo de Roleplayers de Lisboa had its first monthly tabletop RPG meet-up in Lisbon in two years!

Some 30-40 roleplayers showed up at a tabletop game store called Games of the West to mingle and play tRPGs like Electric Bastionland, Dungeon World, Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Numenera and The One Ring 2e.

We also playtested a project called Ars Mechanica (a GMless tabletop game about mechs waging war in medieval Portugal) by Rui Anselmo.

See you next month! ;)


Ars Mechanica, is a GM-less tabletop game about medieval mech by Rui Anselmo.

Kingdom of Portugal, 1147. The Reconquista

Four hundred years ago the Moors invaded the scattered kingdoms of the goths and the vandals and swiftly conquered them. The secret to the quickness of their conquests is in the recovered technology of ancient greek texts for a kind of armour their enemies didn't possess, giant armoured automata 5 meters tall....


.... made of steel and ash wood, with a compartment on the chest where a knight can operate a complicated system of levers, ropes and pulleys set in such a way to amplify their strength and dexterity, armed with swords bigger than a man, making him invincible. They are the Cataphracts.


King Afonso Henriques has taken several of these armours and opened a training camp to young knights, open to nobles, mercenaries, and the general populace. All who show aptitude with the handling and outfitting of a Cataphract can join the camp.


You are one of these young knights. You will train to be the best, competing with the other knights. Will your aggressiveness land you in trouble? Will you be so charismatic to turn enemies into allies? Will the grudges you'll bear make you betray your fellow knights?


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