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Sad news today with the loss of an awesome Brazilian gamer that drove many initiatives to bring independent content everywhere. You may have known Marcelo Ferrari from gamerati.com He also inspired many with his love for and . Marcelo will surely be missed.

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If is not a competition, how does it push us to work on our ideas? How does this event help with turning them into something real? At its ❤️ is a creative exercise laser-focused on putting thoughts into words instead of judging them. 1/3

You are one of these young knights. You will train to be the best, competing with the other knights. Will your aggressiveness land you in trouble? Will you be so charismatic to turn enemies into allies? Will the grudges you'll bear make you betray your fellow knights?


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King Afonso Henriques has taken several of these armours and opened a training camp to young knights, open to nobles, mercenaries, and the general populace. All who show aptitude with the handling and outfitting of a Cataphract can join the camp.


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.... made of steel and ash wood, with a compartment on the chest where a knight can operate a complicated system of levers, ropes and pulleys set in such a way to amplify their strength and dexterity, armed with swords bigger than a man, making him invincible. They are the Cataphracts.


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Ars Mechanica, is a GM-less tabletop game about medieval mech by Rui Anselmo.

Kingdom of Portugal, 1147. The Reconquista

Four hundred years ago the Moors invaded the scattered kingdoms of the goths and the vandals and swiftly conquered them. The secret to the quickness of their conquests is in the recovered technology of ancient greek texts for a kind of armour their enemies didn't possess, giant armoured automata 5 meters tall....


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Yesterday Grupo de Roleplayers de Lisboa had its first monthly tabletop RPG meet-up in Lisbon in two years!

Some 30-40 roleplayers showed up at a tabletop game store called Games of the West to mingle and play tRPGs like Electric Bastionland, Dungeon World, Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Numenera and The One Ring 2e.

We also playtested a project called Ars Mechanica (a GMless tabletop game about mechs waging war in medieval Portugal) by Rui Anselmo.

See you next month! ;)

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Is there any FLOSS and/or federated alternative to itch were people could launch their own pen and paper RPGs?

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Amazing! The illustrations in the book Légendes Bretonnes (Les plus belles légendes du monde) from Maurice_de_Becque are really beautiful, and available :-) They can colour your home adventure really nicely. heavymetal.com/news/artwork/le

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Crescent Moon is about kids lost in a strange dreamland.


The world is very abstract and full of strange opportunities and feelings. The book is beautifully laid out and really puts you in the right space.

Given the heavy narrative side, I thought it would be more mechanics-light, but it's a pretty earnest

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In my opinion one of the challenges in facilitating super-hero tRPGs is how to better help those players that are not that knowledgeable of or into that specific comic book genre.

Having that in mind, and while also trying to speed up the character creation process in Heróis Modernos, I've been developing some Fast Creation Tables that will not only help create bold Heroes, wicked Villains and their nefarious Plans but also make it as they could belong to Odeon City.

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While preparing to play Heróis Modernos you also have to create a Villain and the Plan.

To create a Villain the group must come up with some words or expressions that describe its Name, Concept (a mix of their villainous Archetype, Reputation and Bond), and a dangerous Power.

The Villain's purpose is to make a nefarious Plan come to fruition. The team defines the plan by thinking about its Approach, Focus and Objetive and turning it into a single expression.

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then are the places where I actually publish stuff:
my itch.io page only has few games, but they are available both in portuguese and in english! I'm definitely working on new things, but my pace isn't great: dimitri-drgivaca.itch.io/

my blog sees a bit more activity, as I write about games I've played or read, RPGs I'm developing, or just some casual articles that I feel like writing: theludonarrativegivaca.wordpre

last, there is my youtube. don't go there, it's a desert: youtube.com/channel/UCU_ow06zY

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In the latest and more minimalistic version of Heróis Modernos the creative team is tasked with creating the back-up story for one issue of Vanguard, the city-sponsored super-team of Odeon City.

The authors start by creating their own original super-heroes by coming-up with some words or expressions that describe their hero's Name, their Concept (a mix of their heroic Archetype, Reputation and Bond), one distinctive Power and their psychological Vulnerability.

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Since 2014 I have been developing Heróis Modernos, a super-hero comic book creating tabletop game where you play as the creative team of a fictional publisher called Odeon City Comics.

It's a diceless narrative game where a group of "authors" and an "editor" manages a pool of "Charge" tokens to mediate the creation of panels on the page, the structuring of the story in two acts and also the creation of a full page advertisement and fan mail.

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I'm an amateur blogger, TTRPG game designer and worldbuilder, variety artist (traditional art and pixel art) and videogames modder.

You can find my D&D 5e content at dmsguild.com/browse.php?author and my other games at minakie.itch.io/.

I'm also a neurodivergent queer HSP with aphantasia, who struggles with mental illness on a daily basis.

All info and contacts at minakie.carrd.co/

Auburney, one of the greatest Kult fans I had the previlege to communicate online with has shared a Kult: Divinity Lost GM Reference sheet on his juicy blog "Such Sights to Show You".

Please check it out. :)


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Since the late 90s that an original swedish modern horror tRPG called Kult has been fascinating me.

Due to its enigmatic and haunting gnostic fictional Truth I stopped myself from reading it cover to cover in the hope of discovering it only as player.

Years passed and I finally dived into it through buying and GMIng its latest edition called Kult: Divinity Lost.

And it has been really great experience playing its "existential survival horror" spin on PtbA rules. :)

Since 2011 a semi-organized collective of tRPG fans called "Roleplayers de Lisboa" has been organizing a monthly RPG meet-up in Lisbon in order to help to grow our small community here in Portugal.

Unfortunately we had to stop our meet--ups during two years due to the pandemic.

And now we're happy to announce publicly that they are coming back next May 14th.

If you live in or near Lisbon, or you're just passing by, please join us and let's play together!

Sentinel Comics RPG by Greater Than Games is a super-hero tRPG based on the Sentinels of the Multiverse cooperative card-game created by Christopher Badell and Adam Rebottaro.

The way it mixes a pool of different sized dice with a really great way of structuring the narrative beats of the session makes it one of my favourite super-hero games.

It not only emulates the experience of the original cardgame but also feels like you're creating an actual comic book issue.

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