Okay hive mind, quick question : Is there any euro type game in which the order of play is random in each round? Think Aeon's End type of random player order... 🤔

Heading to NYC for the weekend. I'm not sure I'll have the chance or the time to go game-shopping, but if I happened to be able to, what are some great places to go? I'll be in Manhattan and Brooklyn mostly.

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Tip 1: Use hashtags. There's no algorithm to suggest followers or shove posts into your feed in the hopes you follow someone.

Tip 2: Boost (re-post) toots liberally. *You* are the algorithm.

Tip 3: Use CW (content warnings / content wrappers) to discuss politics, the meta.

Tip 4: To create "threads", make the first post public and each reply "unlisted" to prevent clogging up your instance's feed.

Tip 5: Provide text descriptions, even just basic ones, when attaching photos or media.

Tip 6: Use the "report" features for moderating trolls so your admins can take action.

It’s actually kind of nice to be able to get an interesting feed without having to follow everyone to get said feed.

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If I had $30 to put on a game (which I don’t have), I’d put it on Fit to Print by @flatoutgames! It looks amazing! 🤩
(Picture by @kovray )

Hello everyone! I am Jonathan and I've been passionate about board games for 10 years now. I write quick reviews, in French, on a Facebook page called "À Quoi On Joue?" (French for "What Do We Play?"). I also rune the IG account @theboardgameexperience
I worked for two years as a project manager for Randolph. Here is the very first game featuring my name in it, already released here in Quebec and releasing at GenCon 2023 in English, through Hachette Games.
Nice to meet you all! :)

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