Hi. I was linked to Mastodon via NonCompete on youtube, and I decided to check it out.
My name is Brian, I'm 23, he/they, I play a lot of D&D online, and I'm currently studying for a 2-year degree in game design.

I enjoy strategy & card games, I'm an amateur artist, and I have a special interest in psychology, communications, ethics and game theory.

Also I'm entirely new to mastodon, so apologies in advance for not knowing how anything works :P


@SpaceCat Ah, I enjoy NonCompete too. I think there's a lot of possibility for injecting revolutionary ideas and situations into tabletop play in ways I haven't really seen done much yet.

@jojo yeah. I would really like to get back into some cyberpunk-style games for that reason, but it's hard cause of how janky Cyberpunk2020 and Shadowrun are from a gameplay/mechanics standpoint.

@SpaceCat Yeah, and at the less janky end, I played a bit of the pbta cyberpunk game Sprawl and I found it too over-determined. There's bound to be something actually good out there though.

@jojo Have you ever played Eclipse Phase? I haven't had a chance to play it, but it looked like a fairly stable d100 system, and it has a big emphasis on transhumanism that looked like a lot of fun to work with.

@SpaceCat I've read most the book and would love to play or run it. The political faction stuff is really rich. Dunno how it is to play.

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