My project, Famous Last Words, will be a Ginga, that is a recursive acronym for "Ginga is not a game".

@Alamantus So I would spell them in Portuguese, because the same sentence in English is always some words shorter 😄

@kensanata You shod look at it more as a cinematic poem than a sci-fi movie...

That's hard to achieve, is more demanding in terms of roleplaying...

But is a kind of Scape game with horror theme, is they are stuck in a more general way, like stuck with their haunting father spirit, etc... ?

To much focus on rules... Maybe is related to lack of creativity or simply lazyness

For the jam, the challenge is to build a 1Page game. I'm thinking of a game with the goal of sum up the life of a player in a sentence, and then bring him to the long sleep...

É tão conveniente que até tolda o pensamento. Tão natural que não desperta a curiosidade. Tão fácil que procurar alternativas dá tanto trabalho. Mas por favorzinho, não me falem em injustiça, política que fico varado. Mas a minha vida digital? Não, não aí ninguém mexe, ninguém questiona... Macaco não ouve, não vê e não fala.

Hi everyone! It's been forever. So I'm trying a thing, thought some of you might be interested. It's a very short, constrained game design jam:

A jam to design introductory tabletop RPGs:
We're hosting our first ever game design jam. I hope you'll consider joining! Super low key, no prizes, we'll review the ones we like at the blog. #onrampjam

@paulczege hmm! In Catrapum! I give Narration points to players that roleplay with excellent recognition by gm and the other players. It could be an idea. Maybe when they roleplay and everyone agrees that it was outstanding roleplay and important for the story they regain half the tokens they spend, randomly or something. That could represent that they are knowing the town better...

@paulczege hi Paul, just finished reading your game, A Viricorne Guide, and I got a doubt: what happens when some player rans out of tokens? What happens to the discard pile? Oh! BTW I really like it, the writing was really clear and immersive and the system with tokens and mixing tokens for specific actions with the possibility of other players contribute with tokens to others action a really good idea. I used something similar with Narration Points in Catrapum!...

How to make friends on (a short thread):

1. Participate in a game jam.

2. Look at the submissions by other participants, and think about which of those other designers you'd like to be friends with.

@kensanata CEOs are not pirates. In general they lack the honor code. 😄

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