Her Majesty has no power nowadays.. she's just a bibelot that is failing more than you... tea terms of course 😀

But the interview went well? Hope they focus on the relevant things instead of the CV copies you brought.

Unemployed, selling what I have to pay bills / keep my home. Two handmade watch chains with sprocket fobs, 18" with 2" vest chain, stainless steel lobster claw for watch, solid brass, $40 each including USA shipping to PayPal.me/tarlimanjoppos please boost

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Does anybody have experience publishing card-based products via DriveThruRPG? There's a game aid I'd like to publish but don't know enough about that process and would like to chat if somebody's willing.

(Boosts appreciated!)

Hmmm! The dragon has bad eating habits... he should chew is food first. You should just have forced him to, and then kill everybody for having stupid ideas 😃

Really cool. Some islands in that sea will be top notch 😃

that's really cool. I don't have the discipline to do that... if I take time off I will end spending more time in useless things 😃

@Yoric This PDF don't have the 3 sheets: Game, Character and Story but has the text 🙂 hope you can understand a bit. The new version I'm working in has some changes but the essence is the same. Hope you like it. tripaforra.pt/wp-content/uploa

First day of work in 2019 ... and everybody swung happy new year... what a fiasco!!!

@Yoric It's quite interesting. Mine is not in english, I can send you in case you speak Portuguese. In the new version I'm working in I'm going to translate it. I liked the use of cards to focus the players, in my case, I don't use any support for that. The game is supposed to float around ideas and can be quite ridiculous some times :-) I have a different set of questions and in this version I'm trying to include tarot cards to some points.

@Yoric hi! thanks!!! Sure. I will read it. Maybe we can exchange some design ideas 😃

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