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So I've just anounced live on @Twitch@twitter.com !
It's a Portuguese and that will take place at Lisbon.

When? 28th and 29th of September 2019. If you are a roleplayer and near Lisbon, come join us ! <3

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A convite do @rolainiciativa@twitter.com, amanhã, dia 18 de maio, das 10h às 20h, estaremos na área de TCGs e Boardgames do @IA_OFICIAL@twitter.com a demonstrar o projeto , um jogo narrativo de criação de de super-heróis.

Juntem-se a nós. :)

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We've seen a MAMMOTH influx of new followers on our Mastodon account since the launch of @Puri_sm@twitter.com campaign. Heading towards 1k followers. Thanks folks!

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Acreditamos que este seja o motivo de existir um atributo no jogo chamado "esquisito" :p

Confira o Manual da Psico!


Versão Brasileira do de @lumpleygames@twitter.com

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Usagi Yojimbo, art by

Mike Mignola @artofmmignola@twitter.com
Arthur Adams @arthuradamsart@twitter.com
Geof Darrow @DarrowGeof@twitter.com
Frank Miller @FrankMillerInk@twitter.com

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